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Travel Journal: Chatuchak Weekend Market and Jim Thompson House in Bangkok, Thailand

Hey hey! Continuing to share about my big trip to Thailand. Originally I was a bit annoyed that being sick and trying to otherwise get caught up on life had put me really behind on blogging about the trip, but now I’m actually ok because its bringing back so many fun memories. I mentioned in my first post that I would be splitting the posts up based on experiences instead of specific days because some places I took A LOT of pictures and others not so much. Today’s post is example of that.

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Jim Thompson House

On our last full day in Bangkok we walked to the Jim Thompson House, which was about 3 miles one-way from our hotel, along the Saen Saeb Canal. This was on every blog and travel site that I looked at when we were planning our vacation. Jim Thompson was an American solider who settled down in Thailand after he was discharged in 1946 because of his love for the culture. He is responsible for playing a major role in reviving the Thai silk industry. After he mysteriously disappeared in 1967 his home and life’s work eventually was turned into a museum and foundation. The six traditional Thai teakwood buildings that make up his home compound are filled with art that he collected and surrounded by an enclosed garden.

As every site said, I would DEFINITELY recommend this for those visiting Bangkok. It gave us a different perspective and look at Thai culture and learning about the silk industry was really interesting! I will warn people that it is a big tricky to find, so definitely check out a map. But if you get a little lost like we did… you just might stumble upon the Saen Saeb Canal, which is worth the extra time to stroll along.

Of course the family of florists had to take pictures of a flower that we didn’t recognize!

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if I remember correctly they said that ONE of these pods/nuggets (?) will be spun into a MILE of thread. And if I am misquoted than, its not by much because I remember being floored by the number.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Our very first morning we headed to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as the “JJ Market.” This is another place that went twice, first with my work team and then again with my family. I didn’t mind at all because the market is HUGE (it spans 27 acres!) and it gave me the chance to better scout out the things I wanted to buy. I didn’t take very many pictures worth sharing here.

Gramps forgot to bring sunglasses so we had to pick him up a pair.

These next two photos should have gone in my post about visiting the temples but were sorted into the wrong folder.

At Wat Arun with Grampy.

At Wat Arun with Grammy.


Stay tuned for more posts covering this trip!


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