Because every great event needs its own hashtag.
(just kidding, kind of)

My sister Janci turned 21 back in June and I had told her that since her birthday was in the summer and later than most of her friends’, I would take her to Las Vegas. Can you say #bestsisterever?

We were joined by her best friend Jordy, who had just turned 21 earlier in the week and Sonia, our aunt-in-law to be (not weird…our uncle is only a few years older than me.)

We were there Thursday night through Sunday afternoon, and we had a blast.
Great food, fun sights, lots of laughing and lots of pool time.
It was fun and low-key, with just a little bit of crazy.
Seriously, I think our sore feet were the biggest casualty 🙂

A shout out definitely goes to our grandparents who shared their Hilton Grand Vacation points with us. We were definitely spoiled!!

Thanks for a fun-filled weekend girls!

Here a few of our pics (and fun Snapchats) from the weekend.
If I only could load videos directly on here!




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