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#SpooGirls #sisters #tothemoonandback #sassysisters #theyearof26 #sisteract @janci_lamour #OnTheBlog #LinkInBio: There are few things more beautiful than a wheat harvest. There's a reason we sing "...for amber waves of grain."
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...Happiness, yes, Tom was certainly right about that.
#wheatharvest17 #wheat #USWheat #ilovemyjob #amberwavesofgrain #mylifebelike #Kansas #homesweethome #agriculture #farm365 #Summer2017 #theyearof26 #OnTheBlog #LinkInBio: Sharing my #TravelJournal from my work trip to #EstesPark a few weeks ago. My sweet mama also got to tag along and we made a mini vacay out it, complete with a great hike!
#TheGoodStuffBlog #theyearof26 #hiking #Colorado #GemLake #PaulBunyansboot #latergram #canont5i #wanderlust #igotitfrommymama #gooutside The company alone was worth the two blisters I earned #billygoattrail #hiking #weekendvibes #mylifebelike #theyearof26 This is what slow, sweet summertime is made of 🍷☀️👫
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    "Opportunity knocks; that doesn't mean you have to knock the door off the hinges." - Sam Herringshaw

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What’s Happening on April 9th?

2015 has been unexpectedly exciting for me so far.
I definitely did not have any idea when I rung in the New Year in San Antonio, that in two short months I would pack up my stuff in Kansas and move out to Washington D.C.

new for blog

But somehow here I am.

I have talked a lot about why I decided to take this risk and make a big move for a new job, but I do not know if I ever mentioned how quickly it all happened. It was not until after I had moved that I realized the ninth day of the month had become significant to me.

I saw the job posting on January 9, and after trying to ignore what I had just seen a dozen times throughout the day, I called my parents that evening to tell them that I needed to try for it.

I was offered the job on February 9 after flying to D.C. the week before for an interview.

And on March 9, I started my new job at U.S. Wheat Associates.

Woah. That still makes my head spin just a little bit.

Last week, one of my colleagues finally said, “So I just want to know what you plan on doing on April 9?” She suggested having a spa day and buying an expensive bottle of wine. I have to say, I am a fan of the way this girl thinks.

So I’ve now made it to April 9, and so far it looks like it’s going to be a pretty ordinary day. And I’m ok with that. This is the life that I came here to live. An ordinary day here is busy, has purpose and there is always something new to experience.

It is a rainy day here, and a bit colder than the refreshing spring days that we have had recently. I slept in a bit later than I meant to and had to hustle on my 10-minute walk to work. My morning consisted of two cups of coffee and making final edits to a bi-weekly “Wheat Letter” e-newsletter that I will send out later today. After I finish writing this post and eating my lunch, I have a fairly straightforward afternoon. I have an overseas trade team media kit to prepare, new projects to get started and a meeting with some of the new hires in the office. Of course, I wouldn’t get through the day without my headphones and a good playlist. My current favorite is Spotify’s “Totally Stress Free.” If the rain lets up this evening I will probably go on a run to the Iwo Jima memorial that overlooks the District. That is becoming my favorite new view. My evening will probably be pretty laid back, spent catching up on last night’s episode of Criminal Minds over a glass of a new Malbec I bought last weekend.

 So this is my April 9 — pretty “ordinary,” and full of the opportunity that I came here for.


Have a wonderful rest of your own April 9 my friends!

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