What’s The Good Stuff?

A thundering crowd on a K-State Gameday. Watching the sun come up at my happy place in the mountains. Farming. Messy hair braids. Cheap gas station coffee.

My family’s sense of humor. Fireworks. Tacos Paracutin Truck beef burritos with verde sauce. A solid Pinterest meme.  The perfect playlist for the occasion or mood.

Ultimately, “The Good Stuff” is different for everyone.

When I was a freshman in high school my Grammy gave me a book entitled, “14,000 Things To Be Happy About.” Essentially it was a list of things that the author had begun to write down when she was a kid that made her laugh, smile or reflected on a good memory. Since my love for words is almost unparalleled, I started my own list that I continue to add to and now fills up a 20 page word document.  I can’t count how many times rereading or adding to that list has kept me going.

When it came to naming that list, and then later on my blog, I took a page out of Mr. Chesney’s philosophy.

And I like what these guys have to say too.


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