So There's That Series

So There’s That: Vol.9

 {Sort of like  a “Friday Five”  or a “Life Lately” except it’s probably not Friday, and I gave up on the idea of a catchy alliteration. These are some bits and pieces of my glam #postgradlife. See past posts HERE}

1. Furious Dancing

Credit HERE.
Credit HERE.

No, I do not really have a reason to be that mad. But I am cracking up.
I saw this on Pinterest last week, and well, it spoke to me, so I printed it and hung it up at work.
I am pretty sure that dancing solves most problems.

2. My New Camera!

 I had always thought someday I would get a nice camera when I had a family, but recently with my move and lots of upcoming work travel, I decided why wait? I live an adventurous life in a beautiful and historical place right now, and I want to document it. I have a teeny tiny bit of photography experience being an agricultural communicator, but I am excited to learn more. I had an idea of what I wanted, but I am lucky to know a few talented photographers who also gave me some advice. I should also give a shout out to my parents and grandparents, who were pretty easy to convince that my birthday and Christmas should come early this year


3. Best Friend’s Visit and Independence Day

We are already part way through summer…umm, what?! The past two weeks have been so full that it has taken every bit of discipline I have to not take a nap every day after work just to keep up. This past weekend was my first Independence Day in D.C. and the weekend before that, my best friend Richole (from Oregon) was my first official visitor here in my new home.

White House
White House with Richole
Roomies on the 4th of July!

4. Food for Thought

The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten – New York Times Article

Even though I am in communications, I personally do not post or share a lot of opinionated content. Social media is a powerful and great tool for networking and sharing information, but too often it is abused. I think it becomes too crowded with people who have a false sense of confidence and a platform for rants — usually about things that they actually know very little truth about. So usually I do not like to add fuel to the conversations that just go in circles. With that said, I do want to share this article because I think it tackles the topic from a bit of a different perspective than I have seen lately. Listen, yes I work in agriculture and represent the U.S. wheat industry, but choice is choice. I choose to eat gluten for a various number of reasons, and I respect your decision not to. My argument only comes out when people do not think for themselves, and instead let fear-mongering, trends and false information dictate their decisions. Always be hungry for the truth and choose what is right for your own body and values, not just because you saw a colorful infographic or read something on a mommy blog.

And that goes for the article for me and I shared. One article is not the end all and I am not a dietician or a food scientist. I work for farmers, and as such, I want people to want to know more about their food without tossing their common sense and reasoning aside.

5. Inside Out

inside out

Everyone. Should. See. This. Movie.
And do not roll your eyes because you “don’t like animated movies.”
It is seriously cute and will make you cry think more than you ever thought a simple cartoon could.
Plus it is voiced by people like Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader. How could you go wrong?

6. Typorama

This is one of my new favorite apps! I use (something I could go on and on and on about) almost everyday for projects at work but I wanted something that was similar for my phone. The images below are the only things I have created so far, so I have not used any of my own imagery yet or used it for work, but the possibilities are endless. If I remember correctly it did cost $0.99, but definitely worth it.



7. Upcoming Travel

This upcoming weekend kicks off two months of lots of travel for me! Just looking at the calendar makes my head spin just a bit. There are both work trips and vacation, to be honest the work trip destinations are not too shabby. Here is a quick look…

San Diego (work national board meetings)
Eastern Oregon (visiting home)
Phoenix (work – Ag Media Summit)

Las Vegas (taking my sister for her 21st!)
Guatemala (work – world staff conference)

Yeah, I would say my camera is going to get a lot of use! Stay tuned.

8. A Steal

So I think I am in a bit of a transition with my wardrobe.
Since moving to D.C. my work attire has changed to business casual,  and on some days, professional. But it is not just at work. I have never lived in the city before, so everything from going out for drink or even to the grocery store is a bit of a change for this small town Oregon/Kansas girl #imissmybluejeans. On top of that I turn 25 this year and I am starting to feel that some of my clothes are not really my style anymore. For the most part I fully embrace the change but overhauling a wardrobe does not happen over night #thankyoustudentloans, and well, I hate shopping.

So it is a slow process, but finding skirts like this at 40% off for $15 is what I like to call a steal.


And it is purple, obviously. #GoKState.


So, There’s That.


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Music - What I'm Listening To

Friday Jam Session: The Great Gatsby

When I heard that The Great Gatsby was being adapted for film I was super excited.
And when I heard who was casted, I was beside myself.
And THEN when I heard who producing the soundtrack, I knew we were in for something special.

I first read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald for AP Language when I was a junior in high school and fell in love. Fitzgerald’s neatly crafted prose, symbolsim and character depth, developed around both common and extravagant themes that portray the time period that continues to fascinate generations after it. It is a true American classic. While the critics at Rotten Tomatoes weren’t quite as thrilled with the movie, I was impressed by the adaption, directed by Australian director Baz Luhrmann { the same man who brought us Moulin Rouge,} because it brought to life so much of what I remember reading and loving in the book. It was colorful and swept you away in its over the top, shallow glamour,  and, in my mind, Leonardo was the perfect Jay Gatsby.

But before I get too carried away, and spoil the book or movie for you, we are here to talk about music. Let me say this. Without the book and the movie, the soundtrack is one that could stand alone in telling this story. I imagine when I reread the book {which is high on my to-do list,} I am going to appreciate the soundtrack even more.

Jay-Z was brilliant.

To many, who might not enjoy his music, this guy is associated as the husband of Beyonce and besties with Justin Timberlake and the oh-so not lovable Kanye West. And I’m not going to ask you to like his music, honestly some of it I love, and some of it I don’t care for whatsoever. It’s not his rapping, but his creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit that I respect. As executive producer of the soundtrack I think he took the essence of what we love about that time period and fused it with a modern sound that, we, as listeners, could enjoy and relate to.

This is just a snapshot of my favorites, but I highly encourage you to listen to the entire soundtrack, which features other artists like, Sia, Emeli Sande, Gotye, Kanye West and Beyonce. And if I still haven’t convinced you, please note that I did NOT have enough room to feature Florence + The Machine’s contribution, who is one of my all-time favorite voices. That is depth folks. Enjoy!

1. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Fergie, Q-Tip, GoonRock
This song and the sequence it plays in during the movie was overwhelming and swoon worthy. I definitely could have rocked the Roaring 20’s.

2. $100 Bill – Jay-Z
The botton line is that Jay-Z understood this story. I also love the blend of segments from the movie, love the instruments and LOVE how this sounds in my car.

3. Love is Blindness – Jack White
This is actually a cover of a U2 song. Who knew? Yah, me neither, but I love it.

4. Where The Wind Blows – Coco O.

5. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray
If I was only allowed to recommend one song from the soundtrack, without a second of hesitation, this would be my choice. It has a permanent spot on many of my playlists. It’s haunting, timeless and absolutely beautiful.