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#MonthofThanksgiving – Part 3

Wrapping up my #MonthofThanksgiving by sharing Part 3. Hope everyone had a wonderful month and got a chance to reflect back on a few of the things that they are thankful for. I’m glad that I did. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays, I am pretty excited to finally be on my home in just 12 days! Enjoy.

#Day21 I am thankful for childhood #bestfriends that still support each other though we’re thousands of miles apart#MonthofThanksgiving

Kay, Chole and I as senior's in high school.
Kay, Chole and I as seniors in high school.

#Day22 I am thankful for technology that lets me be with my family on days that being far away stings a little bit more #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day23 I am thankful for faith, hope and love, and being taught to believe in each. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day24 I am thankful for Caden Eli. 5 years ago today he was born and changed a lot of lives, including mine. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day25 I am thankful for my roommate Kyla, for being my voice of reason & favorite crazy redhead all in one. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day26 I am thankful for my mentors, who are there to lift me up, challenge and push me to be better and dream big #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day27 I am thankful for Smurthwaite Scholarship House, my sisters and the memories it has given me #home #smurthielove #MonthofThanksgiving

Seniors back for this fall's alumni dinner.
Senior Smurthie’s back for this fall’s alumni dinner.

#Day28 I am thankful to have grown up in a family business, to work alongside and learn from those I love and respect #MonthofThanksgivng

#Day29 I am thankful for the talent & character that God has given me & the drive to try to do something good with it #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day30 I am thankful that I get to live in this “crazy, beautiful life” of mine #MonthofThanksgiving

– Amanda

Life Notes

#MonthofThanksgiving – Part 2

Presenting part numero dos of my “#MonthofThanksgiving.” At first thinking of things that we are thankful for is pretty easy; mom, dad, friends, the dog and in my case, coffee. But I’ve found that I am really enjoying sitting for a few minutes each day and really thinking a little more in depth about things that I take for granted or don’t think about actually be “thankful” for. Just a thought to sure.

Thanksgiving day is this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful day with their family and friends!

#Day11 I am thankful for my uncle and our military who sacrafice everyday for our #freedom #merica #MonthofThanksgiving

Mom and I in Cabo last January. She’s a goof.

#Day12 I am thankful for my mom and my #bestfriend You can thank her for my stubborn streak and caffeine addiction#MonthofThanksgiving

#Day13 I am thankful for being raised in beautiful #EasternOregon. There’s something special about that way of life#MonthofThanksgiving

#Day14 I am thankful for obstacles that challenge me to work harder and be a better person #nopainnogain #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day15 I am thankful to have this #KState #family, hard to describe how important they are to this out of state girl #MonthofThanksgving

#Day16 I am thankful for my Daddy & all he does for our family & in education. He is the hardest worker I know #MonthofThanksgiving

Dad and I at my friend’s wedding this last spring that he cooked for.

#Day17 I am thankful for #lazydays, time to relax, refresh and refocus #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day18 I am thankful for #music, as a dancer and a lover of words, I can’t imagine a world without the art of sound #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day19 I am thankful for beautiful sunshine even on a cold fall day it makes everything about my day that much brighter #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day20 I am thankful to have been taught to strive towards finding & having a good balance of self-confidence & grace #MonthofThanksgiving

– Amanda Jae

Life Notes

#MonthofThanksgiving – Part 1

And so my favorite holiday is upon us. For someone who is usually pretty against joining in on trends, this is one trend that I always look forward to participating in. So here’s the start of my “Month of Thanksgiving” — Twitter style.

#Day1 I am thankful for my baby sister @JanciSpoo and our friendship that is growing as we become adults #Spoogirls #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day2 I am thankful for #agriculture, the values it teaches me and the people it puts in my life #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day3 I am thankful for my @AgFutureAmerica teammates, our time together & for challenging me to be a better person#MonthofThankgiving

Teammates. Friends for Life.

#Day4 I am thankful for #serendipity and trusting that the things we aren’t searching for are sometimes the best things#MonthofThanksgiving

#Day5 I am thankful for #coffee and the simple joy it gives me every morning #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day6 I am thankful for my education, though its expensive, I have tht freedom, choice, & support, others don’t #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day7 I am thankful for my job at @KSU_IGP. Everyday continues to fuel my fire to be the best ag communicator I can be#MonthofThanksgiving

#Day8 I am thankful for my roommate & best friend Megan, life would be much less crazy and colorful without her#MonthofThanksgiving

Roommate Megan 🙂

#Day9 I am thankful for other writers, both in literature & journalism, who inspire me to pursue my love for words #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day10 I am thankful to go to school that values sports and being able to take the time to enjoy them #GoState #MonthofThanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

God Bless,

Amanda Jae