Thoughts and Lessons Learned

The Good Stuff: Happy 1st Day of Fall

Take a deep breath friends.
It’s officially the first day of fall.

fall 2

I realize that the “first day” often doesn’t mean much, but regardless, I see it as a mini holiday.
In the DC/Northern VA area, fall is FINALLY starting to show itself. The mornings are crisp and the afternoons have that soft, warm Indian summer bliss. Fall foods and fashion are coming out of the wood work, and now #IwisheverySaturdaywasGameday is no longer a wish. Because, FOOTBALL.

I’m really not a fan of the cold but what I described above is the perfect balance. I think every season has its own distinct feel and smell, and since fall is a transitional season, I think we get the best of each of the seasons put together. Fall is crisp and clean, as well as musty and earthly. I love the balance of the chilly air and sunshine, and adding a few layers as the season goes on.

I haven’t done a Good Stuff list in quite a while and I realized earlier this month that I’ve never done one of the fall season (here are past lists on summer and winter, but lets not dwell on those.)

Let’s talk about the Good Stuff about fall.

The perfect pair of blue jeans. Pulling favorite old hooded sweatshirts off the shelf. Cute fingerless gloves. Big infinity scarves. Layering. Flannel. Colorful pea coats. Wearing my Carhartt. Pairing cardigans with dresses, leggings and tall boots.

Crunchy leaves and watching them change colors. Sumac and maple trees. Little kids at pumpkin patches. Bonfires. The smell of firewood. Roasting marshmellows. Hating to eat anything pumpkin, except for my best friend’s mom’s muffins. Changing over to darker lipstick shades. Setting out new fall candles.


Seasonal beers. Chili feeds. Hearty soups. Cider. Rich spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg. Chai tea. Caramel apples. Pecan pie. Fresh apples and corn on the cob. Hot chocolate. Venison from friends and family that go hunting.

College Gamedays and high school Friday night lights. Homecoming. Tailgating traditions with friends. Playing cornhole and redneck golf. Cheering on the Wildcats with the K-State fam. Wabashing. Purple. Listening to Wyatt Thompson announce the games. Watch parties. Playing flag football. K-State’s limestone buildings and the fall foliage.

Post from last year on tailgating...and the adorable Luna as a puppy.
Post from last year on tailgating…and the adorable Luna as a puppy.

Fall decorations and colors. Faded green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, toasted brown, scarlet, plum and all the shades of a finished harvest. Scare crows. Pumpkins. Cornucopias. Pinecones. The overload enthusiasm for fall on Pinterest…

See the start of my Fall Pinterest Board…

A new school year always feeling like the true start of a new year. Back-to-School events. My birthday. Thanksgiving. National FFA Convention and AFA Leaders Conference. Cross country season. Fire places.

TV premiere week. Cozy blankets. Enjoying the last few “sunny and 75” weekends. Corn mazes during the day. Carving pumpkins as a kid. Obnoxious baby Halloween costumes. Making corsages and boutonnieres in my family’s shop for Homecoming season. My Dad’s old buffalo check hunting jacket. Glade pumpkin spice air freshener.


That’s just a little bit of what I love about fall.

Take note that pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn and Halloween are NOT on the list. According to some that means I’m un-American. #whatever

I am so looking forward to exploring my new city and home during my favorite season.
I suspect in a few months there will be a lot more specific things to add to this list!

What’s your favorite things about fall?


Thoughts and Lessons Learned

The Good Stuff: Summertime

Boy, do I like absolutely love summer.
You know Luke Bryan‘s lyric “drunk on you, and high on summertime“?
Well that’s my relationship with summertime. Call me cheesy, but my feelings toward summer are the same as Lorelei Gilmore’s  feelings towards snow {which ironically I hate,} it’s just magical.
This list is actually pretty hard to not run away with. Most of the items warrant their own subcategory list. Or I could go on and on about summer here, in Oregon, when I was a kid, yada, yada, yada. You get the picture.

Summer here in Kansas took a little while to show up but by now it is full swing and I am soaking up every bit of it.
20130612_194853 Here are 50 things that are good about summer in my book.
What do you love about summer?

  1. Huge fireworks shows
  2. 4th of July {My favorite holiday!}
  3. Clear starry nights
  4. Grilling and backyard BBQ’s
  5. Fireflies
  6. Rodeos
  7. Watching crops grow
  8. The camaraderie of harvest time
  9. EVERYTHING about the county fair
  10. Sitting out on the porch
  11. Sun kissed cheeks and getting new freckles
  12. Watermelon, corn on the cob, BLTTC’s, grilled asparagus
  13. Sun-bleached hair
  14. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy
  15. Racer back tank tops and cut off shirts
  16. Picking berries
  17. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime”
  18. Funny tan lines
  19. Finding that perfect pair of cheap sunglasses
  20. Wearing boots with dresses
  21. Homemade sun tea
  22. Fishing and camping
  23. Time spent up at The Diggins {my family’s cabin}
  24. Farmers markets
  25. Watching summer storms roll in
  26. Going to sleep when its still light outside
  27. Sonic’s “Summer of Shakes”
  28. The fact that sundresses are as comfy as yoga pants
  29. Random summer TV series
  30. Driving with the windows rolled down
  31. The smell of aloe vera
  32. Cheap flip flops and  cute sandals
  33. Men’s swim trunks that have funny or weird patterns
  34. Outside concerts
  35. Early mornings before it gets hot out
  36. How it smells during twilight, after the heat has passed
  37. Farmer tans
  38. Walking through rows of corn that are taller than you
  39. Losing track of time
  40. Bright summer colors
  41. Memories spent in Nevada with cousins at Grandpa and Grandma Spoo
  42. Memories of lazy days spent in the yard or pool at Gramps and Grams
  43. Not wearing any makeup
  44. Messy braids and ball caps
  45. Otter pops
  46. Wedding season
  47. Going barefoot
  48. An empty and laid-back night in Aggieville
  49. The fascination that country music has with singing about summer
  50. Spontaneous free spirits

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!