So There's That Series

So There’s That: Vol. 7

 {Sort of like  a “Friday Five” except it’s probably not Friday, and I gave up on the idea of a catchy alliteration. These are some bits and pieces of my glam #postgradlife.}

1. My vacuum cleaner ate my phone charger…



2.  Sisterhood Forever


Let’s talk about a few things here…
— The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books and movies were me and  my besties Kayla and Richole FAVORITE when we were growing up. So the fact that one of its stars, Blake Lively, made the other three actresses the godmothers of her newborn just makes my forever-teenage heart so happy.

— Blake named her daughter James. I have this strange affection for using boy names for girls, so I think it’s fabulous.

— While I’m having an extreme fangirl moment I might as well also mention what I would give to have Blake Lively’s hair circa her “Gossip Girl” days…Is it possible to have a hair-spirit animal?


3. #PorkTips Video’s

This video was part of the last project I worked on during my time at the Kansas Pork Association. Although my role was extremely small in comparison, I am SO PROUD of the final product, especially after all the long talks and day dreaming we did about them. And I had so much fun working with 502 Media Group! Be sure to check the others out on the Kansas Pork Facebook page!

*Even my own personal baking stone makes a cameo in this one.

4.  #Wheatie Humor


What art would look like with out wheat…

5. Mat Kearney – Coming Home (Oregon)

Alright friends, we’re going to play pretend. We’re going to pretend that this video was not basically written for the University of Oregon, and that the music video does not feature Oregon football clips and Autzen stadium. And we’re going to forgive Mat Kearney for being an obsessed Ducks fan, because his music is too good to miss out on. And because once I got past all of that nonsense, I fell in LOVE with this song.

6. I live here…

Seriously though, I can’t get over it.
Last Friday night I visited the USDA farmer’s market where I bought some (amazing) bread for later and a pizza (who knew) and wondered down to the Washington Monument where my lap became my dinner table.

dinner monument

So, there’s that.

Friendship, Oregon

God Gave Me Two

Transitioning from high school to college and choosing a college 1,700 miles from home had its rough patches. My world before that was very small, so realizing that people might come and go in your life, and might not stay as long as you thought they would, was a lesson that took me a while to both understand and accept. Now as I take those same steps toward transitioning from college to career, I start to wonder how the people around me might come and go again. It makes me stop and think about how thankful I am for those that are here to stay. The ones I couldn’t get rid off even if I wanted to.

This is Kayla and Richole. And they are my childhood best friends.


I still remember the exact day I met Kay in kindergarten. She was standing on a chair playing ‘Mom’ in a very serious game of house and asked if I wanted to be one of the kids. And Chole I met on the playground in first grade and bonded with over our love for tether ball. In the fourth grade we became the “KAR Speed Readers,” took home first place in the coveted “Battle of the Books” competition and became best friends along the way. The three of us have been inseparable ever since.


Growing up we all played basketball together, ran cross-country and Kay and I were both dancers, but it would probably surprise people to know just how very different the three of us are from one another. Our personalities, personal styles,  hobbies and interests, and even our choice in music is often very different. In high school, when it came to our passions, Chole had tennis, I was the ag kid and Kay had music and track.  But the strength of our friendship came from our love and respect for each other, and for life, allowing us to find the perfect balance. And we always supported each other, no matter what, even if we didn’t understand it.

100_0005 00021059

00023234 Wedding 1


When it came time to go to college, we again, couldn’t have been more different. Kay went to Gonzaga in Spokane, Wash., Chole accepted a full-ride tennis scholarship to the University of Alabama-Birmingham and I chose Kansas State University.

Moving away from them and knowing that our friendship was inevitably going to change has been, by far, one of my biggest challenges. I know that I am lucky, that the depth of our friendship and bond is unique. These two girls know me better than I know myself, sit front seat in so many of my favorite memories and never have we had to go through a trial without the other two standing on either side. Not everyone can say they have a best friend like that, and God gave me two.



It hasn’t been easy. Becoming adults and building separate lives means we have each changed and have grown into different people. Skype dates and catching up can be few and far between, and trying to be there for someone just isn’t quite the same when you can’t be sitting next to them. But at the end of the day, their friendship gives me a silent confidence that I have come to depend on and no part of me can imagine not having them in my life.


This week is both of their birthdays, Chole on the 12th and Kay on the 15th. I want them to know just how important they are to me and just how much I miss them everyday.


KAR = Love
Love your sisters, love yourself.

Happy Birthday Kayla and Richole!

Life Notes

#MonthofThanksgiving – Part 3

Wrapping up my #MonthofThanksgiving by sharing Part 3. Hope everyone had a wonderful month and got a chance to reflect back on a few of the things that they are thankful for. I’m glad that I did. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays, I am pretty excited to finally be on my home in just 12 days! Enjoy.

#Day21 I am thankful for childhood #bestfriends that still support each other though we’re thousands of miles apart#MonthofThanksgiving

Kay, Chole and I as senior's in high school.
Kay, Chole and I as seniors in high school.

#Day22 I am thankful for technology that lets me be with my family on days that being far away stings a little bit more #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day23 I am thankful for faith, hope and love, and being taught to believe in each. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day24 I am thankful for Caden Eli. 5 years ago today he was born and changed a lot of lives, including mine. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day25 I am thankful for my roommate Kyla, for being my voice of reason & favorite crazy redhead all in one. #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day26 I am thankful for my mentors, who are there to lift me up, challenge and push me to be better and dream big #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day27 I am thankful for Smurthwaite Scholarship House, my sisters and the memories it has given me #home #smurthielove #MonthofThanksgiving

Seniors back for this fall's alumni dinner.
Senior Smurthie’s back for this fall’s alumni dinner.

#Day28 I am thankful to have grown up in a family business, to work alongside and learn from those I love and respect #MonthofThanksgivng

#Day29 I am thankful for the talent & character that God has given me & the drive to try to do something good with it #MonthofThanksgiving

#Day30 I am thankful that I get to live in this “crazy, beautiful life” of mine #MonthofThanksgiving

– Amanda