Family, Oregon

2018 Ego-Spoo Family Photos

My family isn’t always the greatest at remembering to take pictures and ones of us as a whole group are few and far between. So when my Mom asked that we take some over this past Christmas we made it happen. Christmas day was our only option so we made the best of it by using my DSLR, taking turns as I jumped in some shots and soliciting help from our neighbor for a picture of all of us.

We’ve always joked that we should get our own sitcom and let me tell you, we were a bit of a hot mess that morning. Sawyer was grumpy, we only partially succeeded at coordinating our colors, the dogs saw our idleness as an opportunity for attention, some of us were sick and we made Dad take his glasses off because they darken when he’s outside, which made him grumpy too 🙂 I totally forgot about a few different picture combos, most importantly one of just my sister and I, and then one of us with Sawyer (just grandkids).

But this is us, imperfections and all, and I am so thankful for these people of mine. It takes thick skin and a good sense of humor to survive in this clan, but I will never take for granted how close my family is and how incredibly supportive they are of me.  We always have a good time together.

Sharing just a few of my favorites.

(Yes family, I will be sending these to you soon!)

Managed to catch a smiling one of Sawyer!

All of us.

I did forget to get a picture with our old family dog, Jack, so I had my Mom take one a few days later.