Amanda & Megan Moments.

During my first semester in college back in 2009, I met my best friend Megan at the scholarship house we both lived in. We quickly discovered that we were two cut from the same cloth. We shared the habit of saying very silly and often, very blond things, that consequently usually made complete sense to the both of us.  At some point we decided to keep a running list of our outbursts and “moments” to share with others.

We’ve been laughing together ever since.

These are our adventures.

Senior Year 2012-2013

WHILE AMANDA’S FAMILY WAS WATCHING THE MOVIE THOR TOGETHER: Amanda’s Dad: “Oh hey I love this song, I used to play it when I was a DJ.” Amanda: “Wait a minute stop the movie, you were a what?!” Amanda’s Dad: “Yeah you didn’t know that? Back when I was living in Gerlach (itty bitty town he grew up in, in Nevada).” Amanda: “That doesn’t count you were like 5.” Amanda’s Dad: “No I was 14 and it reached like 5 ranches.” Amanda: “Whoa Dad you were big time.”

WHEN MEGAN’S DAD CAME BACK FROM GETTING A HAIR CUT: Megan: “Dad…are you using the vacuum hose on your hair?” Megan’s Dad: “Yes I am…it works really well to get all the little loose hairs off of my head and neck.” Megan’s Mom: “Who are you? Why don’t you just go take a shower or something?”

WHEN MEGAN’S PARENTS WERE ABOUT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE: Megan’s Mom: “Hey Megan? We’re going to go get spider traps and wine, ok?” Megan: “You’re getting WHAT?!?” Megan’s Mom: “Yes, you heard me right. Please remember that your brother is outside mowing and check on him every once in a while to make sure he hasn’t chopped his leg off with the mower or something.” Megan: “Honestly, Mom, I’m just a little more worried about you right now.”

WHILE TALKING ABOUT A CROSS COUNTRY SKIER THAT AMANDA’S SISTER MET: Janci: “Yah you wouldn’t believe how smuscular she was.” Amanda’s Mom: “Don’t you mean muscular.” Janci: “What? Oh.”

WHILE AMANDA’S FAMILY WAS WATCHING THE MOVIE THOR TOGETHER AND THE VOLUME AND SURROUND SOUND WAS EXTREMELY LOUD: Amanda: “Yah just in case you were worried, I can definitely hear the TV loud and clear.” Amanda’s Dad (who is a tad bit hard of hearing) “Nope not worried, this way I can hear everything.” Amanda’s sister: “Yah sissy it’s just like being at the movie theatres!” Amanda: “Oh of course that’s just what I wanted.”

WHEN AT THE BOOKSTORE: Carolyn: (reading the title of a book) “Hey check this out, ‘Wisdom from the World According to Mr. Rogers.’ ” Megan: “Seriously? That’s a book?” Carolyn: “Yup, because if you can’t trust a quiet old man in a cardigan, who can you trust?”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT MEGAN’S POST ABOUT THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MR. ROGERS: Amanda: “Haha did you read about what Megan’s sister Carolyn said?” Janci: “Yah that’s really funny.” Amanda: “Dude did you know that he’s actually a badass? Supposedly there are tons of tattoos underneath those cardigans.” Janci: “Do you realize that he’s dead?” Amanda: “You always ruin my fun.”

WHEN THE SPOO GIRLS WERE DRIVING HOME: Janci: “Seriously you have to stop making me laugh.” Amanda: “Hey Jancz I’ll pay you five dollars if you accidentally pee your pants.” Amanda’s Mom: “5 dollars? That’s it? That is definitely not worth it.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE AVENGERS MOVIE: Amanda’s sister: “They are just so attractive, I really hope some of the guys at CBC (community college she is attending in the fall) look like that.” Amanda: “Dream big.”

WHEN THE SPOO GIRLS WERE WATCHING AVENGERS IN THE THEATRE: Amanda: (clapping her hands excitedly during the entire final fight scene in the city) “ah haha this is just SO COOL!!” Amanda’s Mom: “Seriously are you a 12 year old boy??”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT AMANDA’S SISTER’S FAVORITE CAT SHE HAD WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER: Janci: “Yah I really miss Tippy, she was my favorite.” Amanda: “Are you kidding me? That cat was such a weird animal.” Janci: “You’re a weird animal!” Amanda: “Your mom’s is a…oh wait a minute…I wonder if she heard that.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE STORM: Megan’s Dad: “Yeah, it lightning-ed a lot last night…..lightning-ed?? Is that even a word?” Jennifer: “No, Dad, lightning is a noun.” Megan: “Yeah, Dad, you can’t just try to verbify a noun.” Jennifer: “Did you just say verbify?” Megan’s Mom: “Yeah, verbizing nouns is a bad idea.” Jennifer: “Ow….this conversation is hurting my head.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE PHRASE ‘NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK’: Megan’s Dad: “Yeah, it’s basically saying that they’re not really smart or they’re kinda out there. You know like ‘not the brightest crayon in the box’ or something like that.” Megan: “Isn’t there a phrase like that talks about hamsters?” Matthew: “Yeah, isn’t it like ‘You’re not the sharpest hamster in the hamster wheel?” Carolyn: “WHAT? You are mixing the sharpest tool in the shed phrase and the ‘wheel is turning but the hamster is dead’ phrase.”

WHEN SHADOWING AT A VET CLINIC: Vet Tech #1: (when looking at a fecal sample under a microscope) “Hmm, well this is a crappy slide.” Vet Tech #2: “Haha I get it, it’s a crappy slide and it’s a poop sample. Nice.” Vet Tech #1: “What? Oh..I didn’t even mean to do that. (notices Vet Tech #2 just standing around) What are you waiting for?” Vet Tech #2: “Well, I’ve got this urine slide to look at……but ‘urine’ my way!!! Man I am on a roll today!” One of the vets who happened to walk by: *facepalm*

WHEN WATCHING THE NBA FINALS WITH THE NOLD BROTHERS: Amanda: “Hey Elliott, did I tell you that through my intern company I get a discount on all movie tickets at Warren theatres, even for IMAX?” Elliott: “What? That’s awesome, now we can go see everything in 3D!” Amanda: “Yah you should definitely come with Megan and I to go see Batman, but maybe not the other one we want to see.” Elliott: “Which one is that?” Amanda: “Hahaha well……Magic Mike.” Elliott: “Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? You just want to see Jason Tatum.” Amanda: “You mean Channing Tatum?” Elliott: “Yah same thing.” Amanda: “No but seriously though, how the heck do mix up Jason and Channing?”

WHEN VOLUNTEERING AT TANGANYIKA AND HELPING WITH A PROGRAM AT A LIBRARY, ERINN WAS SHOWING THE KIDS A SNAKE AND TALKING ABOUT IT. ONE LITTLE GIRL RAISED HER HAND: “Why is it a snake?” (Long pause) Mike (another volunteer): “Because no matter how hard it tried…it just couldn’t turn into a rhino.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE WALKING AROUND BOTANICA: Megan: “Oh, I just love trees like this.” Amanda: “Haha yeah, they’re pretty great.” Megan: “They remind me of Adam Cless because it’s so tall compared to the rest of it’s surroundings and it’s soooo skinny, but Adam has the best facial expressions…and those are like the leaves on top.” Amanda: “….right…”

WHEN AMANDA WAS SKYPING WITH HER FAMILY AND TELLING THEM A STORY: Amanda: “Yah I swear they think its the best thing sinced sliced bread.” Janci: “Wait, you can buy sliced bread?” Amanda: “I don’t even know what to say to you right now.” As Amanda’s mom tries to explain it to her, Janci: “I know that people say that all the time but I don’t get it.”

WHILE WORKING AT THE VET CLINIC THE DOCTOR WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO A CLIENT THAT HER DOG HAD FLEAS: Client: “No, my dog can’t have fleas.” Dr.: “Um, well he does, if you look closely you can see flea dirt and you can actually see a couple of fleas crawling around.” Client: “I don’t understand. It’s impossible for my dog to have fleas..we have a fence around our yard.” The vet tech had to walk out of the room because she was starting to laugh too hard.

WHEN MEGAN WAS AT TANGANYIKA AND A LITTLE GIRL CAME UP TO THE GIFT SHOP TO BUY SOMETHING: Girl: (holding up a dripping ten dollar bill): “Is this money dry enough to buy something?”

WHEN MEGAN AND HER SISTER WERE OUTSIDE: Megan: “Hey look, there are a few clouds out here.” Carolyn: “Oh great!! Maybe it will rain! (looking up at the sky) Come on, you can do it! Move closer together and form rain.” Megan: “Uhh, Carolyn, I think you’ve gone crazy…” Carolyn (now yelling): “Put aside your differences and move together!!!”

WHEN AMANDA WAS MAKING A BREAKFAST PROTEIN SHAKE: Summer roommate: “Did you just put coffee in your protein shake?” Amanda: “Don’t judge me, on the bright side its not crack.” Summer roommate: “I’m not really sure what is worse.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS ATTEMPTING TO GET A DIET COKE FROM THE VENDING MACHINE: Amanda: “Here’s the thing machine, I don’t care if I say I drink less Diet Coke in the summer, today I need it, so stop being rude.” Co-worker whom Amanda didn’t know was standing behind her: “They just refilled so do you have enough change?” Amanda: “Of course I do. 25, 50, 55….oh just kidding.” Co-worker: “I think you owe the machine an apology.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW LOUD MEGAN’S DAD WAS SNORING: Carolyn: “Seriously though, even a pet elephant wouldn’t be as loud as you snoring.” Dad: “Aw, c’mon, it wasn’t that loud.” Megan: “When are we getting a pet elephant?” Matthew: “Better question, where are we going to put it?” Dad: “There’s no way I was snoring that loud.” Carolyn: (ignoring Dad) “We’ll just stick it in the backyard, it’s pretty big…we just have to teach it not to break the fence…or trample the garden.” Dad: “Wait….what are you guys talking about?” Carolyn: “Our pet elephant.” Dad: “Oh….wait….am I missing something?”

WHEN AMANDA AND HER SISTER WERE TALKING ABOUT EPKE ZONDERLAND, THE DUTCH GUY WHO WON GOLD ON THE GYMNASTICS HIGH BAR: Amanda: “See I told he was hot.” Janci: ” Hmm not really.” Amanda then shows a shirtless picture of him to her: “What about now?” Janci: “Oh just kidding…dude he has like an 8-pack…and a side pack….is that even possible? Hmm I wonder what his back looks like.”

WHEN MEGAN AND HER FAMILY WERE WAITING FOR THEIR DRINKS AT SONIC: Megan’s Dad: (looking at a huge trashbag in the back of a guy’s truck) “What does that guy have in the back of his truck??” Megan: “A body.” Dad: “Oh good, in that case I’m not worried.” Carolyn: “Uhh, what kind of body do you think is in there? Cuz that bag has a lot of right angles?” Matthew: “Maybe it’s multiple bodies…” Megan’s Mom: “As great as this conversation is you guys should probably keep it down since all of our windows are open.” Carolyn: “Oh, so that’s why he’s looking at us funny.”

WHEN WORKING AT THE VET CLINIC, A LADY WALKED IN WITH THREE BLACK POODLES. MEGAN HAD TO DO A DOUBLE TAKE BECAUSE THE LADY HAD TALL BLACK HAIR, A LONG FACE, AND KIND OF LOOKED LIKE HER DOGS. Angie:(coming up and seeing Megan staring, noticing the lady and starting to laugh) “Whoa…one of these things just doesn’t belong here!”

WHEN AMANDA, KYLA, AND MEGAN WERE TALKING ABOUT HANGING UP THEIR SCHEDULES: Kyla: “Yeah, Megan, did you see that we hung ours up already?” Amanda: “Except Kyla made hers too big so there’s no room for yours….but don’t worry, we can move the monkeys.” Megan: “Amanda…think about what you just said…now imagine if someone would have heard what you just said and not heard the beginning of that conversation…they would be very confused.”

WHEN DRIVING DOWN BLUEMONT: Amanda: “Ugh. I really don’t like Avalanches. I think they are ugly.” Megan (giving Amanda the craziest look): “What!?! When were you in an avalanche? Oh wait… are talking about the truck.”

WHEN TALKING AT BREAKFAST: Amanda: “See, when I have kids, I hope that they are really adorable….otherwise I’m going to be super disappointed.” Megan and Kyla just stared at her.

WHEN WALKING THROUGH AND EXPLORING MENARDS FOR THE FIRST TIME: Megan: “Dude! This place is HUGE!!” Amanda: “Yeah, no kidding, there’s so much…of everything.” Megan: (looking down the next aisle which was full of brooms and mops) “Holy crap! That’s super overwhelming!” Amanda: “Whoa…yeah it is. It’s like fantasia down there!”

WHEN DETERMINING WHETHER WE COULD SOLVE ALL WORLD PROBLEMS BETWEEN 10:45 PM AND 8:00 AM: Megan: “Ready go.” Amanda: “War.” Megan: “Peace.” Amanda: “No Megan, there has to be an action.” Megan: “Guns! Wait….that’s not positive.” Amanda: “Cookies.” Megan: “Now that is a positive idea! Ok next problem….Hunger…..Cookies! Wow look at us go.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE IN THE PARKING LOT OUTSIDE OF THEIR APARTMENT LATE AT NIGHT, A MAN WITH LONG DARK HAIR, A WHITE TUNIC/ROBE AND SANDALS WALKS OUT IN FRONT OF THE CAR: Megan: (stuttering) “Um, Amm…Aman…Amanda?” Amanda: “…….Jesus????” Amanda and Megan: “OMIGOSH! It’s JESUS!!” Amanda: “This is probably the best thing that has ever happened to us!! We have to tell someone!” Both run over to Mark, Andrew, and Mikey’s apartment and bang on the door. Amanda and Megan: “OMIGOSH You guys! We just saw Jesus outside!!!!!” Mark: “You mean the Muslim guy who lives upstairs?” Amanda and Megan: (pausing to look at each other and consider the idea, then nodding) “Yes, him…..dude, he looks just like Jesus right now, you have no idea!”

WHEN KYLA WAS TRYING OUT THE NASAL SPRAY SHE BOUGHT TO HELP WITH HER ALLERGIES: Kyla: “Dude, this stuff is great! It’s kind of minty…my nose feels minty fresh!” Megan: “If all you wanted was a minty nose, just stick your toothbrush up there next time. Problem solved.”

WHEN SITTING IN THE LEADERSHIP BUILDING IN BETWEEN CLASSES, MEGAN WAS SITTING IN A CHAIR WITH HER SHOES OFF, FEET UP, WEDNESDAY SOCKS ON. A GUY COMES AND SITS DOWN IN A CHAIR ACROSS FROM HER, STARES AT HER FEET, AND THEN STARTS TO TILT HIS HEAD A LITTLE TO READ WHAT’S ON HER SOCKS. Random Guy: “OH CRAP!!! Is it Wednesday?!?!” Then proceeds to get up and run off. You’re welcome, random guy in the leadership building. I’m glad my day-of-the-week socks have now served a purpose other than my own personal amusement.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW A LOT OF SORORITIES ARE USING ” ‘MERICA” WITH GREEK LETTERS AS THE NEW PHRASE ON THEIR SHIRTS: Amanda: “What? But I liked saying that. Damn you greek life, you take away all of my fun.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT FUNNY THINGS THAT KIDS DO, FOOTIE PAJAMAS AND WHAT NOT: Kyla: “I found some footie pajamas at Target but they were too big for me! I was so upset.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE RADINA’S SIGN THAT SAYS “FALL INTO A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE”: Amanda: “WHAT?! Seriously, think about what you’re saying!! Fall into a latte? That would be really hot! You’d burn your skin….I don’t want to fall into that.

WHILE AT THE FOOTBALL GAME: Drunk girl behind us: “Kick the ball! Kick it!! Before they get the rebound!!!” Amanda: “WHAT?! Aw, hell no, you did not just mix sports!”

WHILE STILL AT THE FOOTBALL GAME: Same drunk girl after KU had scored the first touchdown: “Oh my gosh! This is absolutely terrible…this is the worst thing ever! What are we going to do?” Amanda: “Actually, there are a lot worse things in this poverty.” Megan: “Yeah, or war.” Amanda: “Or malaria.” Megan: “Ooo good one. Or burnt cookies.” Amanda: “Awww, yeah, or worse, spilled coffee…” Megan: “….I think I would cry.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT PINEAPPLES: Kyla: “No, pineapples are scary! They’re all pokey and crap. (Megan just stares at her.) THEY WILL CUT YOU!”

WHEN WORKING AT THE VET LIBRARY, MEGAN HAD JUST MADE A NEW POT OF COFFEE AND WAS CARRYING IT OVER TO THE TABLE. A GIRL WAS STANDING THERE JUST STARING AT THE EMPTY TABLE. Girl: “But why…..(turns around) OH SWEET JESUS! There’s more!!!!……(getting slightly embarrassed) I mean….thank you.” I get a lot of comfort out of the fact that other people need coffee like I do.

WHEN AMANDA WAS STUDYING FOR HER TEST IN THE THROCKMORTON LOUNGE BY PACING AROUND THE ROOM WITH HER COMPUTER: Professor who walks in: “Hey you know there are these awesome things in here called chairs and if you are really feeling brave there are couches to.” Amanda: “No, no, no I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and I have this freakishly annoying talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere.” Professor: “Well then sit up at the table, what are you going to do, magically end up asleep on top of it.” Amanda: “Don’t underestimate me, I slept on a laundry room counter once.” Professor looks at her like she has three heads…

WHEN TALKING ABOUT A CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC: Megan: “Dude, my parents would shit a brick if I did that…” Amanda: “No….your parents would shit a brick house.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HITCHHIKING: Amanda: “I honestly think it’d be fun to hitchhike, but I really don’t want to get raped.” Megan: “Well, if both of us went hitchhiking together…would we still get raped?” Amanda: “Yes, Megan, we would…hitchhiking is not an option.” Megan: “But why?” Amanda: “Because I can’t save both of us from getting raped. You become useless at the first sight of fear and I might be small and mighty….but I’m not *that* mighty!”

WHEN WORKING AT THE VET LIBRARY, A GROUP OF STUDENTS WAS WALKING OUT THE DOOR: Vet student: “No, the strippers at lunch and the dinner strippers are completely different….so it doesn’t actually count.” Ummm, what?!?

WHEN TALKING ABOUT FUTURE CHILDREN NAMES: Kyla: “Well Amanda will have to name one Marilyn because she worships Marilyn Monroe.” Amanda: “No, Megan worships food, but that doesn’t mean she is going to name her kid that.” Megan: “Yah but I could name them after food adjectives.” Amanda: “Like Crispy, Crusty, Chewy or Juicy.” Kyla: “Exactly if you named one Juicy you would never have to worry about them finding their name on a pair of pants.”

WHEN KYLA WAS PUTTING ON HER JACKET AND SHE ALMOST KNOCKED BABY JESUS OUT OF THE NATIVITY: Megan: “Kyla!! Be careful!” Kyla: “What? I’m just helping him move out!” Megan: “No, Kyla, they don’t move out until they have to flee to Egypt and that can’t happen until after He’s born!!” Kyla: “Well…I’m giving him a head start.”

WHEN SITTING IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND TALKING ABOUT ALL OF THE MATERIAL THAT WILL BE ON THE FINAL: Megan’s lab partner Lauren: “Well, I guess we should just invest in a lot of crack now so that way we just don’t sleep until the final is over.” Megan: “I do know some sketchy people we could ask…” Lauren: “yeah….cuz that’s healthy….”

WHEN WATCHING THE FOX AND THE HOUND: Megan: “Oh yeah, psh, cuz that definitely looks real…” Andrew (staring at her like she’s crazy): “You’re watching an animated movie!!”

WHEN MEGAN AND KYLA WERE PICKING A MOVIE TO WATCH WHILE STUDYING: Kyla: “What do you want to watch?” Megan: “Uhh, something light.” Kyla: “…like salad light?” Megan: “No….more like yogurt light.” Kyla: “WHAT?!?” Megan: “Well you know, yogurt has things like protein and anitbodies and substance…salad is kind of a filler. We should watch a movie with a bit of a plot line but not something too intense.” Kyla: “uh-huh…..well, what about fast and furious or pirates?” Megan: “Nooo, fast and furious is more like a chicken dinner….pirates is like yogurt though.” Kyla: “WHAT?” Megan: “Well, Pirates has substance and is a little intense but it’s still funny….Fast and Furious is way too intense…so it’s more like a chicken dinner.” Kyla: “Right….Pirates it is…” Megan: “See, now Inception would be like a Thanksgiving dinner…” Kyla: “Oh geez…I can’t do this anymore.”

WHEN LOOKING AT PICTURES OF CUTE BABY ANIMALS: Megan (voice going up about 3 octaves): “OOOHHH! It’s a baby hippo! It’s sooo cute!! And it’s all covered in salad and slime…..aww.”

WHEN STILL LOOKING AT BABY ANIMAL PICTURES: Amanda: “Awww, baby panda. I just want to (makes bouncy motion with hands)…I feel like baby pandas would just be so bouncy.”

WHEN *STILL* LOOKING AT BABY ANIMAL PCITURES AND A PICTURE OF A BABY WALRUS CAME UP: Megan: “It just looks so old…” Amanda: “Like Benjamin Button.” Megan: “I feel like it needs a caption above it saying something like ‘I just pooped’.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS RIDING IN HER SISTERS TRUCK: Janci: “Crap there are cops everywhere.” Amanda: “Jancz you know you could try actually driving the speed limit, then they won’t pull you over.” Janci: “It doesn’t matter they are out to get me.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS WEARING HER SLIPPER BOOTS: Janci: “Hey how are you still able to wear your? Mine fell apart!” Amanda: “I don’t know, did you wear them outside a lot?” Janci: ” Nooooo it’s probably because my feet are crooked.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH TALKING TO HER MOM: Megan: “Mom…where do baby carrots come from?” Mom: “Well, when a mommy carrot loves a daddy carrot…” Megan: “No, Mom, that was a serious question.” Mom: “….I don’t know how to give you a serious answer…go google it or something.”

WHEN AMANDA’S FAMILY STOPPED AT A MEXICAN RESTAURANT IN SEATTLE TO EAT DINNER AFTER DRIVING AROUND FOR AN HOUR TO FIND A PLACE: Amanda: “Look Dad they have a fish section on the menu, you can have seafood after all.” Dad: “No now I’m took irritated, I need beef.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS: Andrew: “Yeah, but those are going to be stuffing stockers.” Megan: “Oh, got it, that makes sense.” Andrew: “Wait…did I say that right?” Megan: “Uhh, I think so…” Andrew: “Nope….no I didn’t. It’s definitely supposed to be ‘stocking stuffers’.”

WHEN SOMEONE BROUGHT UP THE TOPIC OF MOVIES AT MEGAN’S STUDY SESSION: Professor: “Have you guys seen Silver Lining’s Playbook? Talk about a good one! I have relatives who are bipolar and they are….well, kinda wacky. I mean it. I’d probably be that way too if I wasn’t a scientist…it keeps my brain out of trouble this way, you know?”

WHEN SITTING IN AMANDA’S ROOM WORKING ON HOMEWORK AFTER MEGAN HAD BEEN STUDYING AT BLUESTEM (DRINKING COFFEE) ALL EVENING: Megan: “Dude, there was something in that coffee….I’m so awake I feel like I can hear colors…..also, I think my toe is twitching.”

WHEN LOOKING AT A LARGE SHELF OF WINE AND TRYING TO DECIDE WHICH TO GET: Megan: “Hmm, there are so many options…OMIGOD! They have the Cupcake brand!!!” She rushes to reach for a bottle completely cutting off a girl who was also reaching for a similar bottle. The girl very quickly puts her hands up and backs up out of Megan’s way. Megan: “Oh my gosh…I’m so sorry….I didn’t mean to just butt in front of you like that…I just got so excited.” Girl: “That’s alright, I know what it’s like to get really excited about wine. Don’t worry about it.”….as she proceeded to walk away carrying four of her own bottles of wine.

WHEN HANGING OUT AT THE APARTMENT, JAMMING OUT TO MUSIC, AND MEGAN WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING MACARONI AND CHEESE OUT OF THE SAUCEPAN: Megan: “ooh I love this song.” Amanda (coming up behind her): “RAWWRRR!” Megan screamed very loudly and threw the wooden spoon of macaroni scaring Amanda who proceeded to fall onto the floor. Needless to say, neither of us could breathe for a good 10 minutes.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CARS IN THE PARKING LOT: Amanda: “Well, did you see the person who decided to park BEHIND the motorcycle and so then it was sticking waaay out of the parking spot?” Megan: “Yeah, I saw it….I just want to tell them: ‘That’s not a real parking spot, but keep trying!'”

AFTER MEGAN FINISHED WATCHING TOY STORY 3: Megan: “Okay the new rule is you have to watch this before graduation (to Amanda who has never seen it).” Amanda: “Uh, okay but you cry every single time and I don’t like crying, what if I don’t end up crying?” Megan: ” Then that means you don’t have a soul…and I actually mean that.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS DESCRIBING HER EXPERIENCE BUYING A POWER CORD FOR HER LAPTOP AT BEST BUY: Megan: “So he leads me over to where there are multiple rows of options and says ‘there you go’ and walks away…but what about the others that were there?? Different sizes, different prices…and I don’t know what I need….he just walked away…it’s like taking a kindergartener to school on their very first day, but dropping them off 3 blocks from the school…I need a little more help than that.”

WHEN KYLA AND MEGAN WERE AT SONIC AND JUST FINISHED ORDERING A LENGTHY LIST OF DRINKS AND FOOD: Sonic employee: “Your total will be $8.21 unless I can interest you in an order of mozzarella sticks as well?” Kyla: “More? Don’t we have enough?!?!”

AFTER MEGAN GOT BACK FROM GOING ON A RUN: Megan: “In other news I’m so hungry I feel like I could eat my toes.” Amanda: gives her a crazy look. Megan: “I mean seem a lot less important then my fingers so I figure it will be okay.”

WHILE WATCHING THE AVENGERS: Captain America: “There’s only one God ma’am and I don’t think he looks like that.” Kyla: “He might…” Amanda: “Kyla Kay!” Kyla: “What! He might carry a hammer…and have long blond hair…and be gorgeous. You never know.”

WHEN WATCHING A MOVIE AND THE TOPIC OF DREADLOCKS CAME UP: Megan: “How do you make dreadlocks anyways?” Amanda: “Uhh, I’m pretty sure you just don’t wash your hair.” Megan: “No…there’s got to be more involved in it than that.” Amanda: “Actually, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Here I’ll Google it.” And that’s what led us to this gem:

WHEN AMANDA WAS SINGING “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” BY WILLIE NELSON: Megan: “Yeehaw!” Amanda: “No Megan, that is definitely not in the song.” Megan: “Well I was adding lib.” Amanda: “Don’t you mean ad libbing?” Megan: “I think it can be said both ways.” Amanda: “But what is lib?” Megan: “I don’t know, what’s lib when it’s libbing?”

WHEN STOPPED AT A STOPLIGHT AND LOOKING AT THE CAR IN FRONT OF US: Amanda: “The power cat metal decal on the back of that car is really crooked.” Megan: “Well maybe it is roaring at the skies…like a lion.” Amanda: “But technically it’s a wildcat.” Megan: “Can you pet a lion? NO! Therefore it is a wild cat.”

Junior Year 2011-2012

WHEN TALKING ABOUT WEIRD KID NAMES: Megan: “Wow it’s like hey let’s name our kid a random word in the english language!” Amanda: “Yeah, that’s a bad as naming your kid Grass or something like that.” Megan: “Right….wait, did you just saying like naming your kid Grass?”

WHEN WORKING AT THE VET CLINIC: Angie: “Hey Megan, this dog left a present for you to clean up in the back.” Megan: “Oh good. ” (goes into the back and looks at a *huge* mess) Megan: “Dude! That’s not a present…that’s like…a freaking suprise party! That is a big mess!”

WHEN LOOKING UP RANDOM FATS ON THE INTERNET: Lindsey: “Megan, it says here that the state of Florida is bigger than England.” Megan: “Yeah, I would believe that.” Lindsey looks at her for a second. Lindsey: “Ohhh England…not Europe. I got confused.”

WHEN TYPING SOMETHING ON FACEBOOK: Megan: “Hey Amanda, is rapping spelled with one ‘p’ or two?…oh wait, one ‘p’ definitely spells raping…never mind I answered my own question.”

WHILE IN THE BOOKSTORE MEGAN WAS READING BOOK TITLES: Megan: “Australia!!” Amanda: “Israel!” Megan: (thinking she said ‘is real’) “Yeah it is.” Amanda: “Wait what? I’m confused.”

WHEN SORTING THROUGH COUPONS: Megan: (reading a coupon) “10 tans for $25? No thank you. Not today skin cancer.”

WHEN HANGING OUT AT PILLSBURY CROSSING AND JUMPING FROM A REALLY TALL TREE INTO THE WATER: Megan: “Cameron, you need to be careful! You cannot die before your wedding!” Amanda: “Yeah, that would be really bad…though if he did, I bet we could just preserve him until December.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS SITTING IN CLASS EATING HER YOGURT WITH A FORK: Guy giving her a crazy look: “Uh are you eating your yogurt with a fork?” Amanda: “Yepp” Same guy who obviously has no imagination: “Why?” Amanda: “Because eating with spoons is against my religion.” Still the same guy who has no sense of humor “Wait you are kidding right?”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CANNIBALS: Amanda: “Why would you go online to find a cannibal?” Megan: “Well, I don’t actually know any cannibals. I mean who actually is friends with cannibals. The only reason you’d be a friend of one would be if you had a dead body to get rid of.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CANNIBALS…AGAIN: Megan:” Amanda, just because you haven’t seen someone eat a person doesn’t mean they are not a cannibal.”

WHEN TALKING TO THE WALMART PHARMACIST ABOUT AMANDA’S SPECIAL SHAMPOO: Amanda: “No they can’t discontinue it! I think I have formed a slight addiction to this shampoo!!!!!”

WHEN WAITING IN LINE AT WALMART: Amanda: “Megan how do you feel about people with hair like that?” Megan: “Ahhh that’s terrifying, you could hide a baby in there.”

WHEN MEGAN CRUMPLED UP A PIECE OF PAPER AND SHOVED IT IN HER MOUTH: Amanda: “Megan why do you always do that??” Megan: “I don’t know, it just seems like a logical place to put things.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS TRYING TO GIVE HER SCHOOL PASSWORD TO HER MOM: Mom: “Mandy its still not letting me sign in.” Amanda: (spelling it out for her again) “Are you making sure you are getting the apostrophe?” Mom: “What’s an apostrophe?” Amanda: “Opposite of a comma.” Mom: ” No it still wont work…wait a minute you don’t have to push shift to get one of those do you?”

WHEN ON STUMBLEUPON: Megan: “Why are whales sooo big?” Amanda: (after staring at Megan for a good 30 seconds) “…I don’t even know how to respond to that…”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU COULD FIT INSIDE OF A WHALE: Megan: “Yeah, you could fit like 8 people in a whale’s mouth.” Amanda: “No, Megan, more than that.” Megan: “Ok, like half a country.” Amanda: “Yeah, sure if it was like Vatican City or something like that.” Megan: “No, Amanda, a lot of people live there. Cuz the pope lives there. Catholics go crazy about the pope.”

WHEN CHECKING OUT AT WALMART: Megan: “Dude, Amanda, we need to eat soon. I’m going to die of starvation.” Male Cashier: “No, you don’t want to do that. It would be terrible.” Megan: “Really? Do you know this from personal experience or just word on the street?” Male Cashier: “Personal experience. I died of starvation just last week.” Megan: “Oh man….hard knock life.” Amanda: “…for us.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT AMANDA HIDING FROM MEGAN ON THE EVE OF HER BIRTHDAY: Amanda: “Megan, I will go to the house of someone you don’t know and hide from you.” Megan: “It doesn’t matter, Amanda. I. Will. Find. You.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT SCARY MOVIES: Kyla: “Hey look it’s an asian scary movie.” Amanda: “Oooooh no!! Everytime I watch an asian scary movie I think of Kayla and then she scares me….I almost broke her nose in eighth grade.”

WHEN TALKING UPSTAIRS IN THE LIVING ROOM: Megan: “I’m feeling so snack-y… what should I eat?” Audrianna: “ME!!!!!!!……wait…..” Megan: *facepalm*

WHEN WORKING ON MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF HOMEWORK IN THE LIVING ROOM: Amanda: “Megan, this is going to take forever…we should just stay up all night.” Megan: (getting really excited) “Yeah we should!!” Amanda: “No, Megan, you weren’t supposed to agree with me.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT AMANDA FORGETTING WHAT SHE WAS DOING: Megan: “Oh brilliant…just when you find out you’re actually not crazy….it turns out, you’re on crack!”

WHILE AT WALMART LOOKING AT GRANOLA BARS: Amanda: “Oooohh look new dark chocolate & almond ones.” Megan : “I’ve tried those, they are good.” Amanda: “Yah but they aren’t too dark chocolate-y are they?.” Megan: “No, I mean its not like holy freaking toothpaste thats a lot of chocolate.”

WHEN DISCUSSING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF AMANDA STRANGLED SOMEONE: Megan: “No Amanda you can’t do that because then I would have to bail you out. I mean how much money does that even take?” Amanda: “Hmm I don’t know I think minimum a lot of times is around $1,500.” Megan: “Oh I guess I do have that much in my account…OR I could strangle someone too and go to jail with you! It would be an adventure! And really isn’t that the natural progression of things, high school, college and then jail?”

WHEN MEGAN WAS TALKING TO HER BOSS: Jeff: “One of the most important things you should learn to do in life is what I like to call ‘fidgeting productively’. ” Megan: “Jeff, what does that even mean?” Jeff: “I mean, you should learn how to make it look like you’re working when actually you’re not.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE MAKING DINNER: Megan: (with a surprised gasp) “We have food coloring in our cupboard!” Amanda: “We should color all of our food for the next week!” Megan: “Deal!” We then proceeded to color the biscuits we were making red and green…pictures to come.

WHILE EATING SAID BISCUITS FROM LAST POST: Amanda: (reaching very quickly for a biscuit) “Hi…I’m going to eat you.” Megan: “This is the one situation where it is ok to eat your friends…when they are biscuits.”

WHEN AMANDA USED HER PHONE TO CREATE A “HOT SPOT” WITH INTERNET: Amanda: “I love being able to create my own internet…it’s like creating fire!”

WHEN REPLACING A BROKEN PLASTIC KNIFE AT THE SNACK TABLE IN THE VET LIBRARY: Megan: (talking to the guy who broke the knife) “See, this is why we used plastic knives instead of real ones.” Vet Student: “Yeah, that way no one goes around shanking each other either.” Megan: “Haha oh the things stress will do to you.” Vet Student: (getting *extremely* serious) “Oh…you have no idea.”

WHEN OPENING PRESENTS AT MEGAN’S HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS: Megan’s brother Matthew (after opening a present): “Alright! It’s a distortion pedal!” Megan’s sister Carolyn: “A what? I don’t even know what that means.” Matthew: “What do you mean?!? It distorts the sound coming from the guitar and makes it sound cool…duh! How do you live with yourself?” Carolyn: “Oh psh, that was rude…how are you still living?!”

WHEN MEGAN’S FAMILY WAS WATCHING A MOVIE TOGETHER: Dad: “Do we want to turn surround sound on?” Everyone: “YEAH!” Carolyn: “Ok I guess so, but I mean just make sure it’s not too loud…no need to surround sound my pants off or anything.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS STUDYING ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Megan: (Sarcastically) “Yah I’m fairly optimisitc.” Amanda: “Wow, I don’t want to see what non-optimistic looks like.”Megan: “Oh you know something like death mixed with broccoli.”

WHEN SITTING AT THE TABLE AND WORKING ON HOMEWORK: Amanda: “Geez why does my nose itch sooo much?!? I just want to have normal senses!!”

WHEN MEGAN WAS STUDYING ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Megan: “Dude, my brain has turned to mush, it’s going to just start leaking out my ears soon.” Amanda: “Ew gross…maybe you should study in the bathtub so you don’t leak brains onto the floor. I don’t want to have to pay to get the carpets cleaned.”

WHEN AMANDA ASKED IF SHE COULD PUT WHIPPED CREAM IN HER HOT CHOCOLATE: Megan: “Yeah, sure, knock your heart out…..wait I think I messed that phrase up.” Amanda: “yeah, I think you mixed up ‘eat your heart out’ and ‘knock yourself out’.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST: Amanda: “Aw man, my yogurt’s gone bad…now what am I going to eat?” (Accidentally puts the yogurt back in the fridge instead of throwing it away) After rummaging around a bit more she goes back to the fridge. Amanda: “Hmmm, ooh hey! yogurt….wait a minute….” The definition of short term memory loss.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE POSSIBLE RAPIST VAN OUTSIDE OF OUR HOUSE: Megan: “That is the kind of van that lures kids in with candy and puppies…though I will say this. I’ve wanted a puppy my whole life. If someone was offering me one for free from their van I sure as hell am gonna take a look.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT MEGAN GIVING UP SOMETHING FOR LENT: Amanda: “Hmm, you could give up coffee.” Megan: “Dude, are you kidding me? Do you want to have to live with me for the next forty days?” Amanda: “Oh, that’s true, everyone else would hate me too for suggesting it. God would even call down from heaven ‘For the love of all of mankind, don’t make her do it’.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW ANNOYED MEGAN WAS WITH HER ENGINEERING CLASS: Megan: “Grr, engineering is dumb.” Amanda: “Yeah, God should just smite all the engineers…except then we’d have like no technology…yay caveman days!” Megan: “We’d still be able to make fire, it’ll be fine.” Amanda: “Megan, lighters definitely count as technology. Pretty sure chemical engineers have something to do with that.” Megan: “You can make fire with rocks…pretty sure God made those!!” Amanda: “Haha, today I am thankful for rocks, so that way when God smites all the engineers, we can still have fire.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS TRYING TO FINISH A LAB REPORT AND AMANDA WAS ACTING A LITTLE CRAZY: Amanda: “Sorry! I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I feel like I’m on crack. That’s probably why I keep distracting you.” Megan: “Oh good, that’s a great excuse, I can see this conversation going well. ‘You see Professor, I couldn’t finish my lab report because my roommate decided that this week would be a great time to develop a crack addiction so I had that to deal with that instead’.”

WHEN WATCHING A MOVIE: Kyla: “Whoa! Did you see that goat just fall like that?” Megan: “Kyla, mountain goats can jump like that and still land on their feet.” Kyla: “Well, how do you know it’s a mountain goat?” Megan: “Uh, hello, they’re in freakin’ Egypt! Of course it’s a mountain goat!!” Ten minutes later: Amanda: “You know, that doesn’t actually make sense, Megan.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE GETTING ENGAGED: Jancey: “WHAT?!? He’s engaged?!? I can’t believe that…I named my fish after him!!”

AFTER AMANDA AND MEGAN ANSWERED THEIR DOOR TO TWO KIDS WHO WERE SELLING CANDY BARS FOR THEIR SCHOOL: Amanda: “Dude, we probably should have like checked a window or something before we open the door to somone we don’t know.” Megan: “Yeah, I can see it now, ‘Two college girls killed by two grade school kids selling candy for their school.’ They’d be all like ‘I SAID BUY A CANDY BAR!! TRANSFORM!!” Amanda: (looking at Megan weird) “I knew that watching transformers was a bad idea…now Megan thinks that everyone and their freakin’ dog is going to transform and try to kill her.”

WHEN USING ATHLETIC TAPE TO KEEP A BAND-AID ON THE BOTTOM OF MEGAN’S FOOT. Megan: “Do you think I need to put another piece on?” Kyla: “Here. Let me do it.” Megan: “Uhh, no, that seems like a terrible idea!” Kyla: “Haha yeah, full ankle cast with athletic tape!!”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE GAME ‘DRAW SOMETHING’: Andrew: “Yeah, the stupid thing keeps telling me to draw a Mchammer (pronouncing the MC like you would in McDonalds)…I don’t even know what that is!!” Nick: “Are you sure it doesn’t mean MC Hammer?” Andrew: “Ohh……”.

WHILE WORKING THE INFO BOOTH AT THE OREGON FFA STATE CONVENTION: Amanda: “Hey Mom look it looks like the career and colleges boothes are all closed for the day. We could run around like crazy people and steal lots of the give-aways off of the tables.” Amanda’s Mom: “Who are you? Who would actually do that?……Oh wait a minute, one of the tables had whistles!!! Can I steal one of those? Then I could get all of the FFA kids in trouble.”

WHILE TRYING TO PATIENTLY SIT THROUGH AN AWARD CEREMONY AT THE OREGON FFA STATE CONVENTION: Amanda’s Mom: “Thisssss issss takkkinnnggg sooo lonnnggg…..hey Mandy did you know that it’s a fact that your nose and ears never actually stop growing?” Amanda: “Mom! Who are you?”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE HUNGER GAMES: Amanda: “Oh my gosh the next one doesn’t come out until November 2013! We are going to be 23 by then.” Megan: “Stop it, no we aren’t, don’t say horrible things like that.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT A PICTURE OF A PALM SIZED DOG: Megan: “You know what would be really fun? Get one of those and one of those huge purses, put it in there and see how long it takes for someone to find it.”

WHEN DISCUSSING THE POSSIBILITY OF CORNSTALKS GROWING OUT OF OUR EARS BECAUSE WE EAT SO MUCH POPCORN: Megan: “I actually have a phobia of things growing inside of me….I mean things like corn and watermelons, not babies though.”

WHEN MEGAN OPENED AMANDA’S CLOSET AND SAW HOW DISORGANIZED HER SHOES WERE: Megan: “Amanda! You have to love your shoes!” Amanda: “What I love you and usually still treat you like crap sometimes.”

WHEN MEGAN AND HER FAMILY WERE TALKING ABOUT WHAT JESUS’ FIRST WORDS WERE WHEN HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD: Megan’s Mom: “Haha probably something like, ‘I feel great!!’ ” I’m so glad that some of our favorite phrases are rubbing off on my mom as well.

WHEN AMANDA WAS TELLING MEGAN ABOUT WHAT SOMEONE FROM HER HIGH SCHOOL WAS NAMING THEIR BABY: Megan: “Wow…Hey parents, want to know how to ruin your child’s life before it starts? Lets just take a random conglomeration of letters, shove them together and call it a name. Better yet you can choose those letters by rolling dice or throwing darts at a board. This child is NEVER going to find a pencil with its name on it.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS UNSUCCESSFULLY TRYING TO POUR MILK IN HER COFFEE WHILE TRYING TO HOLD UP HER TOWEL: Megan: “You know, it might help if hold the gallon lower.” Amanda: “But I can’t because I kinda have pterodactyl arms right now.” Megan: “Uh Amanda pterodactyl’s are the dinosaurs with wings.”

WHEN WATCHING TRANSFORMERS: Audrianna (sarcastically): “Man, it must have taken them forever to build New York back up after the Decepticons tore it to pieces like that.” Amanda: “Uhhh, yeah, sure…except that’s Chicago, not New York.”

WHEN LOOKING THROUGH AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS.COM: Amanda: “Holy Crap!! What the heck is that thing?” Megan: “Oooh I’ve seen them at the zoo before…but I can’t remember what they’re called…I’ll google it.” Amanda: “Just change the picture already it’s creeping me out, it looks like an oversized guinea pig….wait…if you don’t know what it’s called what are you googling?” Megan: “Oversized guinea pig.” For those of you wondering it is actuallly called a capybara.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT A NEWS ARTICLE THAT FALSELY CLAIMED THAT RYAN GOSLING HAD DIED: Amanda: “Yeah, apparently they try to kill off celebrities all the time. ” Megan: “Well I’m glad he’s not dead…though, this is going to sound terrible but if he were dead…yes I would be very upset…but it would give us a reason to have a Ryan Gosling marathon and watch all of his movies.”

WHILE STUDYING AT RADINAS AND DISTRACTING EACH OTHER WITH MUSIC, QUOTING JENNA MARBLES AND ALL SORTS OF OTHER NONSENSE: Megan: “This is why we never get anything done!” Amanda: “Well what are we supposed to do about it? We’ve already accepted that we spend WAY to much time together.” Megan: “Therapy. I’m convinced that’s the only way.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS TRYING TO DECIDE IF THE HALF & HALF HAD GONE BAD: Megan: “I think its okay.” Amanda: “Yay cultures…” Megan: “Yah it will be just like yogurt.” Amanda: “Yah something like that.”

WHEN OUR ROOMMATE RUNS DOWNSTAIRS WITH A DISTRESSED LOOK ON HER FACE: Vikki: “That awkward moment when you go to delete someone from Facebook and instead accidently poke them.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE SITTING AT THE TABLE TRYING TO STUDY: Megan: “Man, I’m feeling snack-y…which is dumb cuz I’m not even hungry.” Amanda: “Uhh, aren’t snack-y and hungry the same thing?” Megan: “Noooo, hungry is when you actually need food and your stomach is growling and you NEED to eat. Snack-y is when you’re not hungry but you just want to be eating food….like if you were to put a plate of 42 cookies in front of me right now, I would eat them….all of them. Cuz that’s what being snack-y does to you.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS ABLE TO FIND A SPIDER THAT WAS PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE: Megan: “See, the thing is, I kind of have a spidey sense…and I don’t mean like spider man and I can climb up walls and stuff, but I just *know* when they’re there and where they are….it’s weird.” Amanda: (giving Megan and weird look) yeah…..weird.”

WHILE ON CAMPUS BETWEEN CLASSES: Megan: “What’s that noise?” Mark: “Something backing up.” Megan: “No, the other noise!” Mark: “A bird?” Megan: “No… It sounds like someone is squeezing a duck too hard!”

Sophomore Year 2010-2011

WHEN WATCHING A TURTLE PULL ITS HEAD INTO ITS SHELL AFTER FISHING WITH CHRIS: Megan: “haha aww look when it pulls in its head it looks like it’s wearing a turtleneck…..hehe…oooh that’s where that came from.”

WHILE SWIMMING AT RACHEL’S HOUSE: Sam Johnson: ” I hate it when I get water in my ears cuz I can feel it going into my brain and then all my thoughts speed up and I don’t want them to.”

WHEN AMANDA AND HER SISTER WERE DRIVING ON THE FREEWAY BACK FROM TRI-CITIES: (After accidentally cutting a little into the left lane and making the car trying to pass her react) Amanda: “Whoops sorry!” Janci (seeing the car’s license plate): “Oh they’re from Wyoming, they need to learn to drive Oregon style.” Amanda: “Uh Jancz, we’re in Washington.”

WHEN AMANDA’S SISTER JANCI FOUND A 100TH BIRTHDAY CARD: Janci: “Sissy I’m going to send this to you on your 20th birthday and write in it…”Only 60 more years!”…it took her a while to figure out why I hysterically started laughing.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT ACTING WEIRD: Megan: “I think there’s something wrong with me….it’s not normal for me to be this weird.”

WHEN TALKING AT THE PARADE ABOUT CUTE KIDS: Megan: “this parade could end badly. children might get stolen…” Amanda: “dude, I call the curly haired one!”

WHEN USING AMANDA’S MAC: Megan: (referring to the menu at the bottom of the screen) “Something’s jumping at me!!” Amanda: “Well then click on it.” Megan: “I can’t!!….(speaking to the icon) STOP JUMPING!”

WHEN MEGAN WAS TRYING TO POST SOMETHING ON OUR MOMENTS PAGE AND THE “SHARE” BUTTON WASN’T WORKING: Megan: “Why won’t the button work? It’s not sharing!!!” Amanda: “Because it’s mother didn’t beat it as a child.”

AFTER HOLDEN USED AMANDA’S COMPUTER AND THE MAC TRACK PAD WOULDN’T WORK RIGHT: Amanda: “Holden! You usually fix computers not do bad things to them. You’re like the anti-Christ!”

WHEN WALKING BACK FROM THE UNION: Amanda: “So I think I have a disease.” Megan and Lindsey: “What? Oh nice Amanda. That’s a great conversation starter.” Amanda: “No, you didn’t let me finish! Like I have a disease where I see people.” (very long pause) Megan: “Uhhh, ok Amanda, that’s definitely not making it any better.” Amanda: “NO! You didn’t let me finish again! Like I see people from home.”

AFTER AMANDA FINISHED DRINKING 32 OZ OF CRANBERRY JUICE IN 10 MINUTES: Amanda: “Ooooh my stomach hurts!!” Megan: “Well duh! You have an effing cranberry baby in there!!”


WHILE WALKING THROUGH DOWNTOWN WICHITA, AMANDA FELT THE NEED TO MAKE ANIMAL NOISES FOR ALL THE STATUES WE PASSED: Amanda:” I’m glad this is giving me the chance to practice my animal noises.” Megan:”Yeah…hey, what sound does a cat make?” Amanda:”meooooow” Megan:”No Amanda, that’s the sound they make when you pull their tails” Amanda:”well, that’s the sound they make around me.”

WHEN WALKING DOGS AT THE CLINIC: Amanda: (talking to a dog to give it a treat) “Sit….sit!!!” Megan: “uhh, Amanda…it’s already sitting.”

WHEN WATCHING THE LION KING 2: Amanda: “Sometimes I feel like that’s me…just a crazy monkey talking to the wind.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE WATCHING THE MOVIE “VALENTINE’S DAY”: Amanda: (after Ashton Kutcher’s character kisses a bald man on his head) “Dude! I want to kiss a bald man on his head!…bucket list!”

WHEN LOOKING AT OUR PAGE: Megan: “Dude, you know your schedules are insane when we haven’t posted anything funny since Sept. 20!” Amanda: “Nooooo, I don’t wanna grow up!!!! I wanna be fun forever!!”

WHILE STUDYING TOGETHER IN THE LIBRARY: Amanda: “Soooo I really really…really…really……..I just forgot what I was going to say….” Megan: “Are you kidding me?” Amanda: “No, like my mind just went blank. AH! where did my mind go???”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW MEGAN HAS NOT BEEN QUOTED IN A LONG TIME: Amanda: “Dude, Megan if you don’t start being funny I’m going to kick you off of the page.” Megan: ” What? No! You are going to think funny when I stick this pencil in your eye!”

WHEN TOSSING PRETZELS TO CATCH IN HER MOUTH AMANDA THREW ONE AND HIT HERSELF IN THE FACE: Adam: “Ok, when you’re throwing something in the air to catch in your mouth it’s usually best to keep your eyes open!!” Amanda: “Oh, well I just got so excited, and when I get excited I close my eyes.”


WHEN TALKING ABOUT SPERM WITH LINDSEY: Megan: ” Sperm are so gross looking. Like, at the vet clinic they had me look at them under a microscope and they were just wiggling around like ooh look at me! I’m a sperm!”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW KESHA WAS ON THE COVER OF SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE: Megan: “Yeah, she actually looks normal on the cover.” Amanda: “Really?” Megan: “Yeah, for once she doesn’t look like she climbed out of a trashcan.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS LOOKING THROUGH HER FRIEND REQUESTS: Megan: “Who the hell is that?”….”Oh whoops, I’m related to her.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS RANTING ABOUT BEING FRUSTRATED AND HATING CLASSES THIS SEMESTER: Amanda: “You know I could just go to beauty school for 6 months and then be done.” Megan: “Yah! And you would be good at it!” Amanda: “Megan, are you encouraging me to drop out of college?” Megan: “Maybe….”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HOW MEGAN WAS PLANNING ON COOKING THE CAN OF SOUP SHE HAD IN HER PURSE: Andy: “She has a microwave in there to.” Megan: “Like a Mary Poppins purse! I really wish I had one of those so that I could just carry everything around in it, I mean I wouldn’t even need an apartment, I could just crawl in my purse at night!…Oh wait, except if somebody moved it, I would have no idea where I was.”


WHILE LOOKING AT THE PICTURE OF AMANDA WHERE SHE IS STANDING BEHIND A PAIR OF MANEQUIN LEGS AT AN ANTIQUE STORE: Megan: “Amanda, look those are the legs we said you could attach to your self to be taller. Then you would have two knees, that would be SO weird if you had two knees.” Amanda: “Uh Megan, I think you mean it would be weird if I had four knees. I already have two knees.”

WHEN DRIVING BACK FROM TRICK-OR-TREATING LAURA WAS YELLING OUT THE WINDOW TO KYLA ABOUT LIKING HER WIG: Megan: “Yeah me too! (goes to yell out the window, forgot that hers was closed, and smacked her face and hand against the closed window instead)”

WHEN AT A VOLLEYBALL GAME AND WATCHING A GUY DRESSED IN A BANANA SUIT START JUMPINING UP AND DOWN: Megan: “What’s he doing?” Lindsey: “It’s peanut butter jelly time!!!!!”

WHEN SITTING IN THE STAIRWELL TALKING: Amanda: (singing) “Hark the herald angels heard on high…fa la la la la la la la la” Megan: “Uh, Amanda, you just mixed three different Christmas songs together.” Amanda: “I did?…oh…oops”

WHEN KYLA, SARAH, AND MEGAN WERE TALKING IN THEIR ROOM: Kyla: “Hmm, I have to pee.” Megan: “Oh, hey, me too! Bathroom Party!!!!” Followed by a mad rush to the bathroom resulting in hysterical laughter, fighting for the bathroom stalls, Kyla almost getting pushed into the toilet, and splashing water in each other’s faces.


WHEN EATING PANCAKES AT SMITH HOUSE: Amanda: “Life is….like a pancake……I…don’t know where I was going with that”


WHEN AMANDA WAS TALKING ABOUT THE DIET COKE CALLING HER NAME IN THE GROCERY STORE: Megan: “I wish name was 3 syllables. People spend more time saying your name and when you put it in a sentence my name gets ahead of yours.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT PLAYING BATTLESHIP: Amanda: “I don’t actually know how to play battleship, but I don’t think I would be very good at it because I would get so excited pushing all of the lights.”

WHEN “WE THREE KINGS” CAME ON THE RADIO: Carolyn: “Do you hear what I….oh oops…definitely the wrong song.”

WHEN AMANDA SHOWED HER SISTER JANCI A PICTURE OF K-STATE JANCEY: Janci: “We don’t look anything alike” Giving her sister a crazy look, Amanda: “Well did you expect to look a like just because you had the same name?”

WHEN WALKING THROUGH TARGET AND DOING SOME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: Carolyn: “The great thing about Christmas is that you can get a present for someone and they don’t even realize that they wanted it until you gave it to them.”

WHEN AMANDA AND MEGAN WERE SKYPING WITH EACH OTHER: Amanda: “Soooo, I have a confession to make. I’m kinda going crazy!”

WHEN MEGAN WAS TUNING THE UKULELE SHE FOUND AT HOME FOR HER SISTER CAROLYN: Megan: “Wait…what? how did I just go from an A# to a D#? I didn’t touch anything!” Carolyn: “Psh, don’t ask me, the Hawaiians’ made it. We’re talking about the people who have 12 letters in their whole alphabet. Ask one of them how it works.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS SCRAPING ICE OFF OF THE WINDOWS OF HER CAR: Megan: “Mom, my car doors are frozen shut! I can’t get them open at all!” Megan’s Mom: “Seriously? Did you try both doors?” Megan: “Yeah, they’re both stuck.” Megan’s Mom: “Is your car unlocked?” Megan: “uh yeah mom of course I unlocked my…wait, umm….hehe…oops”

WHEN SOMEONE WALKED BY AND YAWNED: Megan: “Yah it’s Monday, my socks told me so.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT HATING BEING A GIRL: Megan: ” *sob* I hate being a girl!….though I don’t think I would want to be a guy.” Kyla: “No, you don’t….they pee funny.”

WHEN AMANDA REALIZED IN MATH THAT HER PANTS WEREN’T ZIPPED ALL THE WAY: Megan: “Oohh I create a distraction.” Amanda: “How do you plan to do that.”? Megan: “I’ll throw one of my fruit loops across the room” Amanda: “Dude no one is going to notice that in a room so big, I mean we are probably the only two people who would ever get distracted by something like that.”

WHILE SITTING IN MATH CLASS: Amanda: “Blahhh my attention span just went away, I really just feel like bursting out in song really loud.” Megan: “Ohhhh no, this is a problem.”

WHILE CHILLING OUT IN THE GRAIN SCIENCE STUDENT LOUNGE BETWEEN CLASSES AND ANALYZING THE AWKWARDNESS OF THE ROOM: Amanda: “Hey how do you feel about velvet metallically colored old recliners?” Megan: “I feel like it should just be burned.” Amanda: “I don’t know if that thing would ever actually burn all the way.” Megan: “Yah it would be like the burning bush that talked to Moses.”

WHEN AMANDA & MEGAN WERE GETTING FRUSTRATED BY HOW FAST THE MATH PROFESSOR WAS LECTURING AND STARTED MOCKING EVERYTHING SHE SAID: Math Professor: “What is another point that you can easily move on the line.” Amanda & Megan at the same time: “Your Mom!!!!!”

WHEN AMANDA & MEGAN WERE REALLY SLEEPY: Amanda: “Megan, I really need to learn patience.” Megan: “How would you like me to help you with that.”? Amanda: “Well I’m a girl……(losing track of what she was saying)” Megan: “Oh good, I’m glad we established that, now we can live together.”

WHEN WATCHING GREY’S ANATOMY: Leah: “AH! There’s so much drama in that hospital! If I worked there I would just drug everyone up with Prozac and be done with it!”

WHEN THE PROFESSOR WAS INTRODUCING THE CHAPTER IN AMANDA’S ECON CLASS: Professor: ” I hate this chapter. It’s the devil, there’s a reason it’s Chapter 6.”

WHEN AMANDA’S ECON PROFESSOR WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW PRESIDENT’S USUALLY GET BLAMED FOR RECESSIONS: Professor: “I mean G.W. is a straight up gangster. How could you not want to just chill out with him while drinking a beer? He’d be the coolest grandpa ever.”

WHEN MEGAN, KYLA, AND SARAH WERE HANGING OUT IN THEIR ROOM: Megan: “No nakidity in the room!…wait. is that a word?” Sarah: “No, pretty sure it’s not.” Megan: “hmm…OH! nudity! that’s the word I was thinking of”


WHEN AMANDA, MEGAN & KYLA WERE DRIVING HOME FROM TOPEKA: Megan: (mid-song)…”Cows!!!” Kyla: “Very good Megan, what kinds of cows produce milk?” Megan: “All sorts of cows!!!!!!” Amanda: “Bovine!!!!!”

WHEN AMANDA’S ECON PROFESSOR WAS TALKING ABOUT CHANGES IN UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IN THE UNITED STATES & COMPARING THEM TO OTHER COUNTRIES: Professor: “That’s my life goal, live in Australia, own a house on a private beach and have my own pet dolphin that I can ride anytime I want.”

WHEN STUDYING REALLY REALLY LATE OVER AT SMITH: Amanda: “Uhhh I just reaaaallllyyyy want coffee right now.” Megan: “No you can’t because you have to fly tomorrow…well you don’t, the plane does, you are just going to be in it…..dude your arms would be really tired if you had to fly to Oregon.”

WHEN DISCUSSING THE POSSIBILITY OF OUR PHONE CONVERSATION BEING TAPPED AND THEN BEING ADMITTED INTO AN INSANE ASYLUM BECAUSE OF IT: Megan: ” I don’t want to be sent to an insane asylum….though if I went with you (talking to Amanda) I feel like it would be significantly better.”

WHEN AMANDA’S SISTER JANCI WAS SHOWING HER THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR SARA BAREILLES’S SONG “UNCHARTED”: Amanda: “Hey that’s Adam Levine!” Janci: “I don’t know who that is.” Amanda: “Yes you do, he’s the lead singer of Maroon 5, and sooooo good looking.” Janci: ” Hmmm no because I have that same shirt.”

WHEN AMANDA’S SISTER REALIZED THAT AMANDA WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COME TO FAMILY CAMPOUT AT THE CABIN THIS SUMMER: Janci: “If you aren’t going to be at campout what am I going to do the entire week? I’ll be so bored.” Amanda: “I don’t know, eat your toenails?” Janci: ” Well I do have good smelling lotion.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CHANGING THE DESKTOP PICTURE ON MEGAN’S COMPUTER: Megan: “yeah, I had to change it because the dragon’s were driving me crazy.” Amanda: “yeah…wait…the what?!?”

WHEN LISTENING TO THE RADIO AND AVRIL LAVIGNE’S “WHAT THE HELL” CAME ON: Amanda: “I’m not sure how I feel about this song. It’s not like the rest of her music. It’s almost like someone hit her with a pink stick and was like BAM be girly!”

WHEN AMANDA’S ECON PROFESSOR WAS TELLING THE CLASS ABOUT HIS SPRING BREAK: Professor: “I used to think NYC was the greatest thing, but the south is out of this world. When they speak its like they are singing, you can’t understand what the hell they are saying.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS STUDYING O. CHEM: Lindsey: “What are you doing?” Megan: “I’m trying to draw skeletal structures, but my hexagons really suck.” Lindsey: “haha…yeah, those could use some work…wait that one doesn’t even have 6 sides.” Megan: “Oh. That’s part of my problem.” Lindsey: “C’mon, Megan be the hexagon.” Megan: “Uh, I only have a front and a back side…that’s definitely not enough sides to make a hexagon.”

WHEN SITTING IN COLLEGE ALGEBRA CLASS: Megan: “Amanda…you really need to read that back of that guys shirt.” Amanda (reading out loud): “It’s not gonna be an orgy. It’s a TOGA party.” Megan: “Oh good. I’m so glad they can tell the difference.”

WHEN SITTING IN MEGAN’S ROOM AND LISTENING TO MUSIC: Megan: “Oh, this song makes me want to get in my car and just floor it and drive until I run out of gas….which wouldn’t be very far cuz I have less than a quarter of a tank right now…but you get the idea.”

WHEN TALKING IN AMANDA’S ROOM BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE: Megan: “Bye, I’ll see you later, don’t kill anyone.” Amanda: “Ok….wait. why is it necessary to tell me that?” Megan: “I don’t know. I feel like that’s something that everyone should tell me before I leave the house.”

WHEN MEGAN MET UP WITH AMANDA AT THE LIBRARY: Amanda: “My econ book is trying to be witty.” Megan: “Uh, what do you mean it’s trying to be witty?” Amanda: “Yeah, it’s trying to teach me how to spell.” Megan: “Here’s the deal, I think it’s time for you to go home.” Amanda: “No, I’m serious, look!” (as it turns out…her book really was being witty and telling her that income doesn’t start with the letter “i”.)

WHILE STILL AT THE LIBRARY: Megan: “Amanda, I’m putting in my headphones now, so I won’t be able to hear you. So if you need something wave, tap, or pass out or something.” Amanda: “Pass out?” Megan: “Yeah, cuz if you were to spontaneously fall out of your chair, it would definitely get my attention.”

WHEN SAYING GOODBYE BEFORE HEADING HOME: Megan: “Bye Leah, I miss you already, keep in touch this summer.” Leah: “Alright I will! Facebook, snail mail, everything.” Megan: “Yeah, snail mail is awesome, so much better than facebook!” Leah: “Ok, I’ll write to you…wait. I don’t have your address…haha that’s ok, facebook it to me.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS MAKNG A MICROWAVABLE LUNCH AT HOME IT READ: “Failure to add water to the fill line may cause product to ignite and burn.” Oh good, I never thought I’d be scared to eat my own lunch because it has the chance of sporadically catching fire.

WHILE WORKING AT PAYLESS ONE EVENING: Megan (while standing on a bench): “So, Cari, there’s a dark blotch over there on the carpet that suspiciously looks like a spider…you should go check it out…” Cari: “Uh, why can’t you go look?” Megan: “My phobia of spiders is currently preventing me from leaving this bench.”

WHEN AMANDA TOOK A DRINK OF HER WILD CHERRY & PINA COLADA FLAVORED SLUSHIE FROM QUIK TRIP: Amanda: “Dude it like paradise, sunshine and sugar all in my mouth!”

WHILE MEGAN AND AMANDA WERE TALKING: Amanda: “Yeah, Kyla and I planned out your entire future for you. But don’t worry. It’s pretty great!”

WHILE HANGING OUT AT THE BONFIRE: Rebecca: “Megan, you have a mosquito on your forehead.” Megan proceeds to smack herself in the forehead hard while trying to kill it. Megan: “Wow, that was dumb. See it didn’t register that that would be a bad idea until my hand was already moving…and at that point, it was too late to stop it.”

WHEN EATING PIZZA WITH HER SIBLINGS: Matthew (Megan’s brother): “So what would you do if I ate your last piece of pizza?” Megan: “I would stab you in the eye with my fork. So don’t even think about it.” Carolyn (Megan’s sister): “Wow, Megan, that was scary. Here, let’s go meet my friend, the psychiatrist.”

WHEN SITTING IN THE KITCHEN AND TALKING ABOUT THE WEDDING: Jennifer (Megan’s older and shorter sister): Yeah, the last wedding I was in, the guy I walked in with was shorter than me.” Carolyn: “What?!? They make people that small?”

FOR THE PAST WEEK MEGAN AND HER FAMILY HAVE BEEN WATCHING A FRIEND’S PET PARAKEET. THIS EVENING THEY CAME AND PICKED IT UP. WHILE MEGAN, HER MOM, AND HER SISTERS WERE SITTING IN THE KITCHEN: Megan: “It’s so quiet…oh yeah, the bird’s gone.” Carolyn (panicking): “WHAT!?!? THE BIRD IS GONE?!?!…oh yeah, she came and got it earlier…hehe I forgot.”

WHILE AT THE VET CLINIC ANGIE (WHO WORKS WITH MEGAN) WAS FINDING SOMETHING TO DO: Angie: “I know! I’ll clean with the new scrubbing bubbles stuff we got.” (Goes into an exam room and sprays some scrubbing bubbles onto the sink) “Go scrubbing bubbles go!! Dude! This stuff smells awesome! It’s lemons…I’m going to make everything smell like lemons!!” She then procedes to spray everything in sight with the new cleaner.

WHEN CAROLYN WAS LOOKING AT MEGAN’S DIRTY FISH BOWL: Carolyn: “Aww Megan, your poor fish! The water is so dirty all he can do is swim in circles!” Megan: “Uhh, Carolyn….he’s in a bowl….even when the water’s clean he can only swim in circles.”

WHEN AMANDA FLEW INTO RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA WITH HER AFA TEAMMATES CARY & LANCE: Amanda: “Ahhh I’m so excited! There a lot of trees here, it reminds me of Oregon. Hmm they are probably gestacious.” Lance: “Uhh Amanda, don’t you mean they are decidous.” Amanda: “Oh yah, right.”

WHILE WORKING AT PAYLESS WHEN IT WAS RAINING: Jessica (one of the girls Megan works with): “Hey Megan, since it’s so slow we should break out the sidewalk chalk!! (long pause) oh wait…I forgot, it’s raining.”

Freshman Year 2009-2010

WHEN MEGAN TRIED TO ADD AMANDA ON FACEBOOK: Megan: “I’m really mad at facebook because it won’t let me be your friend because there’s no add friend button.” Amanda: “That’s because I am your friend already, Megan”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT GOLDFISH SNACKS: Megan: “Look it says here that the first ingredient listed in goldfish is smiles!!! Thats so cool!” Amanda: “We need to go to walmart and check!! How much longer should we study because I can’t focus now, I’m too excited”

WHEN IN ANIMAL SCIENCE CLASS: Dr. Nichols: “Live video auctions are becoming more popular. Just this last year I purchased two heifers out of Baker City, Oregon.” 
Amanda: “Megan!!!! Oregon!! I know that place!!!” (while shaking Megan’s arm with extreme enthusiasm)

WHEN MAKING CINNAMON ROLLS: Amanda: “Uh Megan, do you realize that you are just about to measure out vanilla extract in a paper cupcake thing?”

WHEN AMANDA TRIED TO LEAVE THE AG ECONOMICS REVIEW EARLY: (After a good minute of unsuccessfully trying to “quietly” yank the door open) Amanda: “Umm sorry to interrupt but i dont know whats wrong with the door.” Big Tall Cowboy: “Did you try pushing it open instead of pulling? You know that usually works.”

WHEN LINDSEY, SARAH C, AMANDA, & MEGAN WERE WALKING ACROSS CAMPUS: Lindsey: (responding to Megan picking on her) “Well you can just walk home.” Megan: “Uh Lindsey, we walked here.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE CAKE THAT COOKED UNEVENLY: Megan: “Yeah i didn’t see that the shelf in the oven was crooked.” Amanda: “how did you not notice that the shelf was crooked?” Megan: “I don’t know. Maybe i was tipping my head when i put it in the oven so it looked straight to me.”

WHEN AMANDA TRIED TO MAKE FUN OF VIKKI AND EMILY: While walking back from lunch I turned around and was walking backwards and making a “L” for “loser” sign on my forehead at Vikki and Emily, then proceeded to turn back around and walk straight into a parked Jeep

WHEN AMANDA WAS STUDYING FROM MEGAN ANIMAL SCIENCE NOTES: Amanda: (pointing to the notes where “weighs” was spelled “ways”) “Uh, Megan were you just creating your own shorthand?” Megan: (Looking at it) “Huh, I don’t understand, what did I do?

WHEN AMANDA WAS WEARING A “HHS” SHIRT FROM HER HIGH SCHOOL: Megan: “Do you realize that if you read your shirt backwards it says “Shh??”

WHEN MEGAN WAS SCRIBBLING ON AMANDA’S STICKY NOTES: Amanda: “Megan are you wasting my sticky notes?” Megan: “No”…then proceeds to quickly crumple it up and put it in her mouth, when she thought Amanda wasn’t looking, then spit it back out very quickly and say…”Ewww that adhesive tastes nasty.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS SITTING UPSIDE DOWN ON SARAH DUDTE’S BED: Amanda accidentally falls off the bed and then proceeds to tell everyone in the room what happened in great detail, then stops and says, “Why am I telling you, you were there.”

WHEN AMANDA WAS DRINKING THROUGH HER PURPLE CURLY STRAW: Megan: (In a VERY excited voice) “Dude, does your straw turn purple when you drink through it?” Amanda: “No Megan, it is just a purple straw.”

WHEN AMANDA & MEGAN WERE DISCUSSING HOW IF ONE HAD A BOYFRIEND IT WOULD BE TOO EMBARASSING TO HAVE THE OTHER AROUND: Amanda: “Megan, we will just have to get boyfriends together! It would be like a square!!! (as she makes a square with her hands)

WHEN AMANDA & MEGAN WERE WALKING TO THE PARK AND SEE A HUGE PUDDLE: Megan: “Ohh a lake!” as Amanda says at the same time: “Let’s go swimming!!”

WHEN STANDING ON A DOCK AND LOOKING AT THE WATER: Amanda (running to the railing): “Jack, Jack come save me Jack!!” Megan: “Amanda there’s no one out there!”

WHEN WATCHING A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF PEOPLE ETHAN KNEW: Ethan: “No I’ve seen him get mad before. I’ve seen him yell at his hands (hired hands). Megan: “Yell at his hands?!? (shaking her own hand in front of her face yelling) haha you stupid ligament!!!”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT A GUY AMANDA KNEW IN CLASS: Amanda: “yeah, he sits in the back with his friends.” Megan: “what? he has a twin?!? YESSSSSS!!!” Amanda: “nooo!” (then realizing Megan meant a boy for each of them starts laughing hysterically)

WHEN SITTING OUTSIDE TALKING IN MEGAN’S CAR AND HEARING A HELICOPTER: Megan stops Amanda mid-sentence: “OOH a helicopter!! a rapist is loose!….anyways, go on.” Amanda: “WHAT?!?!

WHILE WATCHING CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN: Megan: “…I decided that by the 3rd movie he is going to be hot!” Amanda: “Eww Megan that’s kinda pedofile-ish.” Megan: “Nahh don’t worry he’ll be 16 by then.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT WANTING TO DRAW WITH DRY ERASE MARKER ON SMITH HOUSE’S COMPOSITE: Megan: “Amanda you could just draw on our composite.” Amanda: “Megan, I can’t draw on our composite, that’s like drawing on us, drawing on yourself is like peeing on yourself.”

WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAD LEFT THE LIVING ROOM: Amanda: “Oh no Megan! Bad things happen when we’re alone!!” Megan: (when realizing how bad that sounded) “AHH Amanda!! NOO!!!”

WHEN PLAYING TENNIS AND DISCUSSING THEIR TEAMWORK STRATEGY: Megan: “Can I put my racket in front of my face just in case you decide to hit me?…oh no! there goes normal week!”

WHEN AMANDA WAS PULLING ON HER FACE TO STOP HERSELF FROM CRYING: Megan: “Amanda, why are you making yourself look like an Asian?” Amanda: “I’m not!! I just don’t want to cry during this movie.” Megan: “Amanda! Asians can cry too you know!!”

WHEN HAVING A DEEP LIFE CONVERSATION WITH KYLA OUTSIDE: Amanda: (starts to stand on the picnic table bench singing) “It’s the Circle of Li-” (stops quickly and clamps her hand over her mouth) “I forgot. it’s normal week!”

WHILE WATCHING AVATAR AT SMITH HOUSE AND AMANDA & TONY DISCUSS ONE OF THE SCENES: Amanda: “It’s something they have to do to become a man.” Tony: “Wait, so if a guy catches an eagle or something and gives it to you are you gonna be like “that’s hot?”

WHILE WATCHING A MOVIE AT SMITH: Tony “It’s so hot in here.” Megan starts singing: “It’s getting hot in here…oh no! I don’t have a filter!”

WHILE DOING HOMEWORK MEGAN PICKS UP THE PERMANENT MARKER AND HOLDS IT UP TO HER NOSE: Megan: “Are permanent marker’s toxic?” Amanda reaching quickly for the marker: “Megan no!!!” 5 seconds later Lindsey asks: “Megan are you trying to get high.” Megan: “I’m not trying to inhale it, I’m talking about ingesting.”


WHEN WALKING AROUND IN THE DARK PLAYING CAPTURE THE FLAG: Megan: “Amanda, we can’t talk here. People will hear us!” Amanda: “Maybe not….(then screams) CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!”

We contemplated that maybe it is possible that we spend too much time together when Amanda called Megan “Amanda” on accident

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CUTE BOYS: Megan: “Amanda, that is sooo creepy!” Amanda: “I’m not creepy! I just appreciate good breeding.”

WHEN TALKING ABOUT FACEBOOK STALKING SOMEONE: Megan: “No, I  wasn’t Facebook stalking! It popped up on my newsfeed…..and so i had to investigate.”

WHEN DECIDING WHAT COLOR A SLUG BUG WAS: Megan: “wait, is that white or cream?” Amanda: “I feel like it’s off-white.” Megan: “hmm, I’m trying to think of an ethnic group to compare it to….maybe European?” Amanda: “Megan, are you calling Europeans off-white?”


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