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Best Day Ever – Show and Tell Tuesday

I typically don’t do “link ups” because I don’t have a regular posting schedule, or its that a lot of the link ups on blogs that I read don’t really have themes that apply to me.

However, when I read Andrea’s (at Momfessionals) Show and Tell Tuesday post about describing your “best day ever,” I decided it would be a quick, fun post to join in on.

I also thought this would be a fun post to look back on. Many of the ones that I glanced at in the link up were mom’s, so their descriptions revolved around lazy days with their families. I am sure someday my description will read much like that, so I think it’s fun to capture where I am at now.

To be honest this post will basically read like a “get to know me” because my “best day ever” mostly revolves around my favorite food and places. It is also a bit unrealistic, because I would actually need to time travel (preferably in a blue police box, because #closetwhovian) to make it happen…

My “Best Day Ever” would start at sunrise up at my family’s cabin “The Diggins” in the Blue Mountains near Sumpter, OR. I’m a fan of sleeping in, but not at the cabin, so ideally I would feel well-rested and refreshed to start the day early. I’d begin with an easy walk/hike, maybe just by myself with my dog Jack and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. When I returned my chatty family would be up and ready for breakfast which would include a dirty chai latte, my great-grandma’s sour dough cinnamon rolls and bacon. (Definitely not our typical breakfast up there, but hey this is MY best day ever.)

After breakfast, I might take a nap because I woke up so early or relax on the porch with a favorite book. Then I would leave and…

…magically arrive in no-time in Manhattan, KS! My best day is a warm, golden fall day by the way, because obviously that can only mean one thing…

K-State Gameday!

Before the game my friends and I would head to So Long Saloon in Aggieville (and wouldn’t have to wait forever to be seated) for raspberry chipotle bean dip to share and then I would order a Nancy and a bleu cheese bacon burger.

We’d then head to the stadium for some tailgating, and while I’ll always be fond of my “tailgating out of the back of someone’s truck in college days,” I think by now I will have upgraded to the asphalt lot with an obnoxiously decked out RV.

K-State would be playing Oklahoma or Texas, because I LOVE beating them. And the K-State team would be circa 2012…
Because, #nostalgia and #BIG12CHAMPS!

After the game, I would magically travel BACK to the cabin where my Dad would be cooking tri-tip in his big BBQ for all of my favorite people. The sides would include grilled asparagus, sweet potato fries, watermelon and rolls. Oh, and tiramisu for dessert.

We’d spend the evening (which is now somehow mid-summer, instead of fall) around the campfire, drinking summer shandy and listening to Logan Mize. We’ll probably end up two-stepping a bit and definitely stay up too late.

So, in conclusion, you basically now know all of my favorite foods.



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