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2015 Christmas in the Country Gift Reveal

Friends, I know I am not the only one who struggled a bit with the first full week back to work after the holidays.
I knew that the Christmas in the Country Gift Reveal blog posts were going live this week but everyday after work I just couldn’t bring myself to look at a computer screen again.

So my slacker plan was to write the post on the plane this morning on my trip to the West coast and post it during my layover.

And then I missed my flight this morning.
So now I’m back in my living room, with a re-booked flight for this evening.
Such is life.


Anyhow, I excited to finally share  about my first Christmas in the Country exchange!
I particularly love that this exchange brings together bloggers in agriculture.

I had SO MUCH fun “getting to know” Myla at “The Purple Front Door” and going shopping for her.
Read her post on my gift HERE.


I received my fun box from Chelsea at BoilermakerAg, and she did a fabulous job! Everything was so personalized and well-thought out. Chelsea is a newlywed from Indiana, a proud Purdue Boilermaker and like me, an agriculture communications grad! I have read Chelsea’s blog before and I’m guessing that we have a lot in common. I am looking forward staying in touch.

First I want to share about that little lump of coal you see above on the red bag. This lump of coal (which is really a colored and scented piece of soap), has been passed along through the exchange since 2013 as a little reminder of the true reason for the season. The white tag says” A lighthearted reminder coal deserving sins places us on Santa’s naughty list. Thankfully naughty boy and girls are offered the gift of Jesus.” On the back of the tag it has the history of where this coal has traveled each year so my job now is to keep it and pass it on to someone next year!


If you know me or have read my blog before you know that I love to be creative and tap into my artistic side, and paints are probably my favorite to use. Chelsea sent me a jar of turquoise custom chalk paint and a few brushes. I haven’t done as many projects since my move to DC and my mind is spinning with all of the ideas that I could use this for! Plus you can never have too many brushes.


In my mind coffee is a love language all on its own. Chelsea sent me this adorable mug, a few K Cups and homemade chocolate spoon stirrers. They were SO GOOD — now I feel like I need one for every cup of coffee I have.


Everything in the gift was great, but this last part really hit it out of the ballpark. I love saving different wine corks (and the wine itself of course) and stealing them out of my stash from time to time for a craft. But I’m not sure Chelsea understands just how PERFECT this particular holder is for me. Yes, I used to work for the Kansas Pork Association, but my love for pigs runs far deeper than that. Everyone has a few things that they find hard to explain their love for without seeming a bit loony, and for me, pigs go on the top of that list. This is SO CUTE, and will go perfectly in my home.

Chelsea, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and for each of the fun gifts. I hope you had a wonderful season with your family and I wish you the best in 2016.

 Thank you to Laurie, Jamie, Kirby and Lara for being this year’s exchange hosts! This was a fun way to enjoy the holidays and make new blogger friends in agriculture.
Click HERE to view the Link Up of other bloggers who participated and to see what everyone gifted each other!

12 thoughts on “2015 Christmas in the Country Gift Reveal”

  1. I love all your gifts – and that wine cork holder is just so perfect! 🙂 Thanks for participating this year and I look forward to following your blog in 2016 and beyond! Lara – My Other More Exciting Self

  2. Great great post…. I love everything. This is my favorite part of the exchange – looking at what everyone got. Thanks for participating in the exchange, you really were a great addition. Have a great 2016.

    Kirby Lichte of 15009 Farmhouse

  3. Ok – can I just say – from crazy pig lover to another – I LOVE that wine cork holder and must have one someday! How unique and cool! And honestly, I don’t really trust people who don’t like pigs, how can you not love them? Lol. Thanks so much for joining us and participating this year, it was great to have you along. I hope you’ll join us again next year and pass that coal along again. Happy New Year!

    1. Holla! Haha yes just can’t trust them. I had a lot of fun participating and definitely plan to next year to pass along the coal 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  4. I think you and Chelsea were a great match! I love what she sent you and hope that you will be able to continue the lump of coal tradition. 🙂 I love that it is traveling around the country to help bring a smile and a reminder to those who receive it.
    Thanks so much for participating this year! Best of luck to you in 2016.
    Laurie – Country Link

  5. Oh my gosh, the chocolate spoon is GENIUS!!! I’m making those! Let’s have a crafty day. I have done NOTHING creative lately ha! Hope you made your rescheduled flight and travelled safely!

  6. Hey Amanda!! Life has been a swirling tornado here lately and I’m just getting around to reading everyone’s blog posts. Oy! Anyhow, what a great package!! I’ve always wanted to do something creative with chalk paint and have several homemade versions pinned, but have never pulled the trigger. Definitely keep us in the loop as you decide how to use it! Again, many thanks for the wonderful things you sent me as well. I just wrote a few things I need to get at the store on the notepad and the caramels were delicious! Lets keep in touch!

    1. Going through and reading the rest of the blogs is STILL on my to-do list as well. Yes, Chelsea is a fabulous job!! I’m so glad you enjoyed everything. I got a bag of those caramels for myself… and they didn’t for long at all 🙂

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