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The Tale of the Spider I Was Finally Afraid Of.

Warning #1: This blog post contains a picture of a spider.

Warning #2: This is a blog post is really random and will probably only seem funny to maybe 5 people that I can think of. But blogging to me is all about jotting down my experiences… and well, this was sure an experience.

So let me start off by explaining that normally I am not scared of spiders. In college I was the designated spider killer amongst my friends and roommates. The summer I worked for Pioneer in their corn research plots, I essentially walked through fields filled with spiders that didn’t bother me. My best friend and roommate Megan, on the other hand, is genuinely terrified of them, for I usually made fun of her. She can hardly even stand the scenes in the Harry Potter movies with Aragog.

Last week on Thursday I had come home from work and immediately laid down for a nap. When I woke up later and turned my bed room light on, I hear a *tink tink tink* sound and looked up to see this in my light fixture above my bed…


I freaked out. And every time it scurried around I would freak out a little bit more, and before I knew it I was almost in tears.

When I willed myself to stand on my bed and get a closer look I could see quite a few features through the clouded glass and freaked out all over again. I know the picture may or may not convince you, but it was by far the biggest spider I’ve seen aside from people’s stupid tarantulas. And I still don’t know if that is what freaked me out the most or if it was the fact that it was above my bed, or because I couldn’t quite figure out how it got in there. The fixture is sealed from the room and rather hard to remove so it had to get in through the electrical wiring.

So the next logical thing was to put it on SnapChat and Facebook. Then I called my Mom back in Oregon, who proceeded to search Google and find that there are 39 kinds of spiders that can be found in the D.C/Northern VA area, #sonothelping. Then I started texting Megan, who I knew would justify my somewhat irrational reaction.

Warning #3: I swear we do not curse like this regularly, exceptions are made for extreme situations.









 I think it was right before the time stamp in the image above that I changed gears and called Megan. I mean, why freak out via text message when it can be more effectively done over the phone. It was also at this point that we both admitted that we had been taking screen shots of the conversation, because yes, we are those best friends who tend to find ourselves hilarious (Exhibit A.)




 So what happened afterward? My roommate came home, couldn’t get the light fixture off and made little effort to hide that he thought I was being ridiculous. Which I was, but I seriously couldn’t help it and there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to sleep in my bed with it right above me. So I slept on the couch, leaving the light on in the bedroom, and in the morning the spider was shriveled up and dead. #forthewin

Later on at work. my co-worker identified it as a wolf spider, which I made the mistake of Googling, although it definitely justified my fear. Those things are terrifying and apparently they are jumpers so it was probably a good thing that we couldn’t get the light fixture down.

Needless to say I spent this weekend spraying insect spray to every possible area in my apartment that spider could in through.

And that is the tale of the spider I was finally afraid of.

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