Washington D.C.

Richole Visits D.C. – Day 2

Day 2 of Richole’s visit was exactly the opposite of the first day.
It practically poured all day!! Luckily we had already decided that Saturday would be primarily a museum day, so the rain did not deter our schedule too much.

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We started our day at my favorite coffee shop in my neighborhood and then headed into the district. We visited the National Archives, the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History. Our favorite was exhibit was definitely the gemstones! We finished the evening a bit more relaxed by kicking it back at my apartment with a movie.

Enjoy some of Day 2’s photos!

3 thoughts on “Richole Visits D.C. – Day 2”

  1. A day that ends on the couch is my favorite 🙂 Those gemstones are amazing and that hippo (is that a hippo?!) is HUGE!!! Hope you’re loving your new camera!

    1. The Natural History Museum really is my fave. Yes that was a hippo! It’s funny some of the animal do look real and like they are about the move. I am LOVING my new camera. I went ahead and posted them raw when I was making the blog posts, but I am excited to edit a few later on.

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