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101 in 1001: Update

Last fall I finally felt like I was in a place where I could write a 101 in 1001 list, be committed to it and really invest in some areas of my life that I didn’t prioritize back in college. Then just a few months later I completely uprooted my life and moved across the country to Washington D.C. Now that I’ve settled in here I have every intention of actively focusing on the list again, but I’ve noticed that because of my move there are a few items that just aren’t applicable or realistic now.

For example, I had big plans to refurbish a dresser I had bought cheap in college. But I knew when I moved that I wasn’t going to have the space for a project like that and decided it wasn’t worth hauling it in the move. So I gave it to a friend, who promised to send pictures when she’s done with it.

A lot of the other items were contingent on living in Manhattan, KS and the Midwest in general. Some are things that I still hope to do someday, but don’t really fall in the realistic structure of a 101 in 1001 list.

So although the point is to NOT make a lot of big edits, I figured it was warranted. If I had started this when I already living in D.C. I’m sure that it would look even more different than the edits will make it, but I guess that will give me even more motivation to start another once this one is complete. Cheers to breaking the rules.

You can learn more about what a 101 in 1001 list is HERE and  keep up with my ongoing 101 in 1001 list progress under the tab above.


* done items will appear in bold

* items in-progress will appear in italics

101 in 1001: November 1, 2014 – July 29, 2017


1. Make 5 DIY projects that I pinned on Pinterest (1/5) – Wooden “E” Monogram
2. Cook 12 new recipes that I pinned on Pinterest (2/12)
3. Cook a dish using an ingredient that I’ve never used before
4. Learn how to crochet – December 2014
5. Start tap classes again
6. Take a painting or art class of some sort
7. Take a cooking class
8. Establish seasonal decorations for my home fall/winter silk arr; spring/summer silk arr;
9. Do a trial run of designing and selling wedding planning books in my family’s store
10. Finish my high school and college scrapbooks
11. Finish the “Amanda & Megan Moments” scrapbook
12. Print, mount and display or gift 3 pictures of mine (1/3)
13. Finish my high school t-shirt blanket


14. Plan a 21st birthday Vegas trip for my sister
15. Travel home to Oregon 5 times other than Christmas (2/5)- Thanksgiving 2014; July 2015;
16. Travel home for annual family summer camp out at the cabin – July 2015
17. Plan trips with Kayla and Richole/Kyla and Megan (outside of visiting them in Oregon and Kansas)
18. Visit 3 new states (0/3)
19. Travel to a new country – Guatemala 2015
20. Go to one of my sister’s college golf tournaments
21. Go on a long “road trip” vacation
22. Plan a trip back to Kansas at least once a year (1/3)- May 2015;
23. Plan a trip/experience to do with each of my parents individually


24. Learn how to make jam with my Grammy
25. Do a wine tasting at a winery
26. Buy an expensive bottle of wine and pick a long term goal to open it for once I’ve achieved it
27. Go to a pro-sports game in Washington D.C.
28. Join a group or organization in Washington D.C./Arlington
29. Try a new restaurant once a month (since my move/list update) – (0/26)
30. Go to an away K-State sporting event for a Big 12 Conference match-up
31. Attend a K-State Alumni non-sports event – Capitol Area Alumni April 2015
32. Participate in an event/give back to Smurthwaite Scholarship House
33. Visit all of the D.C. area Smithsonian Museums – National Gallery of Art
34. Host 3 parties/get togethers at my place (0/3)
35. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
36. Learn to drive a stick shift
37. Go to a show at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
38. Participate in the U.S. Embassy Passport Tour
39. Go to a farmer’s market at least 3 times during one summer. (1/3) – USDA 5/22

Books, Movies and Music

40. Read one book a month (8/33)
41. Participate in some sort of book club/chat, even if it is just one other person
42. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (12/26)
43. See all Best Picture nominees before the Academy Awards
44. Go to a drive-in movie
45. Finish re-organizing all of my music
46. Go to 5 live concerts (0/5)


47. Go 3 months straight without straying from my budget (0/3)
48. Get my student loan debt under $8,000
49. Put at least 5% of my paycheck each month into an untouchable savings (3/33)
50. Save $10 for each of these accomplished tasks (7/101)
51. Read 3 financial/business books (0/3)
52. Learn about investing and make a plan


53. Wake up before I need to during the week for 2 weeks straight
54. Run in a Color Run
55. Go three months without biting or picking at my nails (0/3)
56. Purge my closet each year and donate what I get rid of (0/3)
57. Make it to the gym/work out 5 days a week for a month straight
58. Run in 3 5ks (0/3)
59. Wear that LBD
60. Officially stop biting my nails (more than 6 months) (0/6)

Online/Social Media

61. Complete the #100HappyDays Challenge
62. Post on my blog twice a month  for a year straight (8/12)
63. Participate in a Twitter Chat
64. Comment on 5 blogs a week for 4 weeks straight.
65. Regularly update my online portfolio every quarter (2/11)
66. Try 5 new online/social/business related apps and blog about them (0/5)
67. Guest write for another blog or some form of online content


68. Identify 5 topics/issues in the ag industry to learn about that I’m not familiar with (need to better define how to measure this) (0/5)
69. Redo my professional resume and have it peer/mentor reviewed by 3 people – January 2015
70. Complete a continuing education course on or a similar resource
71. Get 2 freelance writing assignments
72. Become a K-State Alumni Association Lifetime Member – December 2014
73. Become an Agriculture Future of America Alliance Lifetime Member
74. Deep clean my personal email folders
75. Become a mentor to someone in my industry.
76. Get published with a byline in national magazine, journal or publication
77. Make a design and communications look-book
78. Finally get all of my professional clothes properly hemmed
79. Look into master’s programs, make some goals and decisions about my next step – (I decided that my goal setting and move to Washington D.C. count for this!)

For Others

80. Send a handwritten thank you/just because  note once a month (8/33)
81. Volunteer at a 4-H or FFA event – judged Oregon FFA contest materials March and May 2015
82. Send Christmas cards at least once
83. Pay for the meal/coffee of someone behind me in line
84. Donate blood 3 times (0/3)
85. Volunteer in my community 3 times (0/3)
86. Donate to a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign that I believe in
87. Sponsor a Christmas Angel

For Me

88. Get a pet (when I started this list in Kansas it was specifically to get a puppy, but that’s not realistic now, so I’m think maybe a turtle? We’ll see!)
89. Complete a Bible study
90. Get a tattoo with my sister
91. Frame my college diploma
92. Say yes to 5 things I normally would say no to (1/5)
93. Buy an Apple desktop computer
94. Find and pick up my own buckeye for good luck
95. Sit down to watch the sunset and rise on the same day
96. Reconnect with my Spoo cousins
97. Learn to whistle with my fingers
98. Design my own pair of boots
99. Call at least on set of grandparents once a month (2/33)
100.Restart (and finish) the two Habitudes books I have and journal for each chapter
101. Edit this list at the halfway point (Feb/March 2016)and add 5 new items
Bonus: Start another 101 in 1001 list when this one ends

Updated: June 14, 2015

1 thought on “101 in 1001: Update”

  1. This list is so cool! I want to make one! You are going to have so much fun completing this 🙂 In other grown up news, I really like your financial section and I need to get on some of those goals, list or no list…

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