Family, Oregon

Sister Tattoos.

So this happened yesterday.


The Spoo sisters officially have matching tattoos.

Janci and I have been tossing the idea around for about a year now,
and finally agreed on what we wanted to get.

There were a few different designs that we considered. It was pretty important for us to do something fairly simple and symbolic. In the end we went with our last name in Mom’s handwriting.

This was Janci’s first tattoo and my second. My other one is on my shoulder blade and let me tell you, the pain was no where close to this the first time around. I hate to admit it, but my sister handled it quite a bit better.


This fiesty girl below is my baby sister and best friend.
She’s smart, determined, beautiful, funny and stubborn.
Even as adults we would advise you to stay clear of our crossfire.
But now we can switch it on and off in a second, which tends to drive Mom crazy.
She loves pink, baking, cats and golf.
Most of the time we are as different as can be, but continue to surprise ourselves by how that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

We’ve spent most of our lives complaining about all of the things we’ve had to share.
But I’m not complaining anymore.
I’m sure glad that we share this tattoo Jancz,
and even more happy that I get to be your Sissy.


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