Happy Birthday Dad!

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Back  two years ago during one of my previous stints in blogging,
I  wrote: “12/12/12: 12 Reasons for Dad” (Go read it…now!)
It’s a pretty good snapshot of who he is, and rereading it made me laugh.

It’s easy to tell that I adore my dad.
But the thing that strikes me the most when I reread that post, is that now as a college graduate and “adult,” I see this list with new eyes. Sure my favorite things about him will probably always stay the same, but our relationship and my appreciation for who he is, seems to be growing in a new way. I have always been lucky to have a great relationship with my parents, so I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I am kind of fascinated about “getting to know” your parents as an adult.

Over and over, I find myself laughing at habits and quirks that I inherited from him.
Some are irritating, while others are charming. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.
My sense of humor, selective hearing and ability to talk until the cows come home.

A strong love for gas station coffee, outlaw country music, reading and pigs.
We are outgoing introverts – we are social and comfortable,
but we definitely need time to step back and think.
We prefer to always be busy and may have an OCD tendency, or two.
I get all of that from him.


But its the best things about him that I hope to be someday.
And there is so much more that I have to learn from him.
My dad values integrity, responsibility and hard work.
He is a lifelong learner, a true student of life.
When my dad looks at people he sees strengths, potential and progress.
He often ask a lot from others, but only because he offers twice as much of himself.
While so many other work to live, my dad truly lives to work.
To him, a career isn’t worth having if you aren’t passionate about it,
and to be honest I really haven’t come across many that are
more passionate about education and kids’ future as he is.

 Yah, he’s a pretty swell guy and I sure do love him.
I hope you had a wonderful day Daddy! I’ll see you in just a few days.

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