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Maybe We’re Funnier in March

Celebrating Fake Patty’s Day.

Usually my routine is to recap Amanda & Megan Moments at the end of every semester or season. However, during the month of March we apparently were on top of our game and had a lot of moments that were worth sharing. As always, spring semester always goes by so much faster than the fall and as I am approaching graduation, my main goal (besides finishing of course,) is to make sure that I am enjoying every minute as I wrap up my college experience. I think these moments are reassuring that I am, indeed, having a great time.

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Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day, and Happy Easter!

Amanda & Megan Moments: March 2013

WHEN SOMEONE BROUGHT UP THE TOPIC OF MOVIES AT MEGAN’S STUDY SESSION: Professor: “Have you guys seen Silver Lining’s Playbook? Talk about a good one! I have relatives who are bipolar and they are….well, kinda wacky. I mean it. I’d probably be that way too if I wasn’t a scientist…it keeps my brain out of trouble this way, you know?”

WHEN SITTING IN AMANDA’S ROOM WORKING ON HOMEWORK AFTER MEGAN HAD BEEN STUDYING AT BLUESTEM (DRINKING COFFEE) ALL EVENING: Megan: “Dude, there was something in that coffee….I’m so awake I feel like I can hear colors…..also, I think my toe is twitching.”

WHEN LOOKING AT A LARGE SHELF OF WINE AND TRYING TO DECIDE WHICH TO GET: Megan: “Hmm, there are so many options…OMIGOD! They have the Cupcake brand!!!” She rushes to reach for a bottle completely cutting off a girl who was also reaching for a similar bottle. The girl very quickly puts her hands up and backs up out of Megan’s way. Megan: “Oh my gosh…I’m so sorry….I didn’t mean to just butt in front of you like that…I just got so excited.” Girl: “That’s alright, I know what it’s like to get really excited about wine. Don’t worry about it.”….as she proceeded to walk away carrying four of her own bottles of wine.

WHEN HANGING OUT AT THE APARTMENT, JAMMING OUT TO MUSIC, AND MEGAN WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING MACARONI AND CHEESE OUT OF THE SAUCEPAN: Megan: “ooh I love this song.” Amanda (coming up behind her): “RAWWRRR!” Megan screamed very loudly and threw the wooden spoon of macaroni scaring Amanda who proceeded to fall onto the floor. Needless to say, neither of us could breathe for a good 10 minutes.

WHEN TALKING ABOUT CARS IN THE PARKING LOT: Amanda: “Well, did you see the person who decided to park BEHIND the motorcycle and so then it was sticking waaay out of the parking spot?” Megan: “Yeah, I saw it….I just want to tell them: ‘That’s not a real parking spot, but keep trying!'”

AFTER MEGAN FINISHED WATCHING TOY STORY 3: Megan: “Okay the new rule is you have to watch this before graduation (to Amanda who has never seen it).” Amanda: “Uh, okay but you cry every single time and I don’t like crying, what if I don’t end up crying?” Megan: ” Then that means you don’t have a soul…and I actually mean that.”

WHEN MEGAN WAS DESCRIBING HER EXPERIENCE BUYING A POWER CORD FOR HER LAPTOP AT BEST BUY: Megan: “So he leads me over to where there are multiple rows of options and says ‘there you go’ and walks away…but what about the others that were there?? Different sizes, different prices…and I don’t know what I need….he just walked away…it’s like taking a kindergartener to school on their very first day, but dropping them off 3 blocks from the school…I need a little more help than that.”

WHEN KYLA AND MEGAN WERE AT SONIC AND JUST FINISHED ORDERING A LENGTHY LIST OF DRINKS AND FOOD: Sonic employee: “Your total will be $8.21 unless I can interest you in an order of mozzarella sticks as well?” Kyla: “More? Don’t we have enough?!?!”

AFTER MEGAN GOT BACK FROM GOING ON A RUN: Megan: “In other news I’m so hungry I feel like I could eat my toes.” Amanda: gives her a crazy look. Megan: “I mean seem a lot less important then my fingers so I figure it will be okay.”

WHILE WATCHING THE AVENGERS: Captain America: “There’s only one God ma’am and I don’t think he looks like that.” Kyla: “He might…” Amanda: “Kyla Kay!” Kyla: “What! He might carry a hammer…and have long blond hair…and be gorgeous. You never know.”

WHEN WATCHING A MOVIE AND THE TOPIC OF DREADLOCKS CAME UP: Megan: “How do you make dreadlocks anyways?” Amanda: “Uhh, I’m pretty sure you just don’t wash your hair.” Megan: “No…there’s got to be more involved in it than that.” Amanda: “Actually, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Here I’ll Google it.” And that’s what led us to this gem:

WHEN AMANDA WAS SINGING “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” BY WILLIE NELSON: Megan: “Yeehaw!” Amanda: “No Megan, that is definitely not in the song.” Megan: “Well I was adding lib.” Amanda: “Don’t you mean ad libbing?” Megan: “I think it can be said both ways.” Amanda: “But what is lib?” Megan: “I don’t know, what’s lib when it’s libbing?”

WHEN STOPPED AT A STOPLIGHT AND LOOKING AT THE CAR IN FRONT OF US: Amanda: “The power cat metal decal on the back of that car is really crooked.” Megan: “Well maybe it is roaring at the skies…like a lion.” Amanda: “But technically it’s a wildcat.” Megan: “Can you pet a lion? NO! Therefore it is a wild cat.”

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