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That’s What Happens When You Blink

Tomorrow is my last first day of school. Ever.

Good gravy that is a really hard concept to wrap my mind around.

First semester freshman at K-State back in 2009. So young!
First semester freshman at K-State back in 2009. So young!

Today one of my friends who transfered to K-State only a year ago and works part time for campus security told our apartment that he would be on duty this evening, so if we wanted company while we “walked our classes” to let him know. To be honest at first it took me a minute to figure out what he meant and then while trying not to laugh too much, we thanked him and reminded him that after seven semesters on campus as students, we were pretty sure we knew where we were going.

Of course that made me think back to when I wasn’t so comfortable navigating myself between those limestone buildings.  The only other time that I had even traveled to the Midwest had been for my campus visit, I hadn’t been away from home for more than three weeks in my entire life and there was not one person I knew for hundreds of miles. I knew that I was 100 percent positive that  Agricultural Communications and Journalism was the perfect major for me, but my scope of what that could mean for my future was very narrow. And I already loved the color purple, but I had no idea about the “family” that I was joining. Thinking back I can vividly remember finishing high school and being so excited and so ready for that first day of college. Of course what I imagine then and what I know to be true now are very different. What really happened was better. Much, much better.

To say these past three and a half years have gone by fast would be a lie, because I feel like I have hardly blinked. But in a little over four months I will be able to say that I am a GRADUATE of this little purple haven that I have genuinely fallen in love with. If I said that I didn’t have expectiations for this semester, that would also be a lie, because I do. But what’s more important is that the biggest thing that has changed between my first day of college and tomorrow is that there is not one bit of uncertainty left that I had that first day. And that, is a very reassuring feeling.

I guess that’s happens when you blink.

To all of my fellow seniors, have a wonderful last first day tomorrow!

– Amanda

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