12/12/12: 12 Reasons for Dad

We’re closing in on day 3 of finals week. You would think that they would give some sort of reward to seniors who have already put in their share of “life threatening” finals. Yes, I am being a bit dramatic. That tends to happen when I am this tired.

Photo courtesy of Robert and Billie Luke.

Amidst this crazy week people sure are making a big deal out of 12/12/12. Of course I know that this is a “once in a lifetime” type of thing, but in retrospect the only unordinary thing about my day is the increased amount of ridiculous things I have said or done because of the lack of sleep.

However, there is one thing that should be celebrated today, and it is definitely worth taking a study break. Today is my dad’s birthday! If you haven’t had the chance to meet my dad then you are definitely missing out, because he’s pretty darn cool.

So to celebrate, here are 12 reasons why my dad is so great!

1. His sense of humor is great. However I don’t know what is more entertaining, his giggle or how he antagonizes my mom.

Dad and I this past spring at a friend’s wedding that he catered.

2. After being the only guy in the house for so long he’s become pretty good at doing the little things for his girls.

4. He is an educator, it’s not his job, its his passion and he is fiercely dedicated to making a difference.

3. His taste in music is…random. Sure he was a teenager in the 80’s and loves his country…but he has this loyal respect for good vocals. Two words: Kelly Clarkson.

5. He is a great coach. In school, sports, FFA and essentially all other things he has always been my go-to-guy. He will always give it to you straight and sticks with you to the end.

6. He is a REALLY, REALLY good cook. If you haven’t had a taste of “Cookin’ Spoo Style,” you haven’t really lived yet.

My parents and I on their visit to K-State this fall for a home football game.

7. One of the most important things he taught me was to take risks and not to settle for less than what is important to you, even if it means questioning others, of course, except his parenting 🙂

8. So many of the things that I love are because of him. Basketball, western movies, taste in music, coffee, reading, pigs, being outside, all things country and the list goes on and on. Most of all though is his love for agriculture and encouraging me to pursue a career dedicated to it.

9. I have a lot of great childhood memories with him, although early morning breakfasts with black coffee and a Kris Kristofferson Greatest Hits cd will always be my favorite.

My sister, Janci and I, as a freshman and senior in highschool wearing Dad’s old Prairie City football jerseys during homecoming week.

10. He loves my mom and he shows it. I have learned, especially since being in college, that not everyone grew up in a home like mine. My parents have something special and because of their example, I believe in that cheesy real love that all the songs talk about.

11. On top of being an educator and a cook, he also is an artist. How cool is that?

12. He is one of the hardest working, most humble individuals I know and I am extremely proud to be his daughter, especially when others have so many quality things to say about him.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Excited to see you in just three days!

– Amanda

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